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How to find your Model Number

  1. Detach the battery.
  2. You can find the Model Number on the label.

* You can also find the model number in the settings menu on your phone.

* LG reserves the right to make firmware updates available only for selective models at its own discretion and does not guarantee the availability of the newest firmware for all handset models.

example of model number on the label

Android > Phone

HIDE  How to backup Contacts?

There are several ways as below.
1. Copy it to SIM Card.
[How to do it]
From contacts->Menu->More->Import/Export->Export to SIM
2. Copy it to SD Card.
[How to do it]
From contacts->Menu->More->Import/Export->Export to SD Card
3. Synchronize it with Google server.
[How to do it]
On Homescreen ->Menu->Setting->Data synchronization->Click Auto-sync

HIDE  New contact created from phone can't be synchronized with G-mail.

When a contact is created, "contact type" should be set up to "Google contact" which you want to synchronize with.

[How to check it]
Contacts -> Menu -> New contact -> Select the Google contact(Google account which you want to synchronize with.)
※ If you select the "Handset", the created contact won't be synchronized with G-mail.



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