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Which screen size is best for you?

Finding the right screen size can greatly improve your viewing enjoyment. Roll over the sizes to the left to see a visual guide. Then select the sizes that best fit your needs.

The latest technology uses LED backlighting to deliver extremely vivid colors and deep blacks, with a contrast ratio comparable to plasma.


Plasma TVs offer excellent color and clarity, with deep blacks and minimal motion blurring during fast action scenes, such as movies or sports.


LCD displays look great in brightly lit environments, and are considered excellent for gaming. Their energy efficiency is superior to Plasma, and their light weight means they're great for mounting on a well.


OLED stands for ‘Organic Light Emitting Diode’. Organic LEDs emit their own light through organic compounds in response to electrical input, as opposed to LCD or LCD LED displays which require backlighting.


Which display type is right for you?

There are four major types of display technology, each with its own benefits. Please roll over the display types to learn more and make a selection.

LG Smart TV has revolutionised your home entertainment experience. Online and TV entertainment is now accessible on the one screen.


With comfortable and affordable 3D glasses, just like those used in Cinemas, you can enjoy 3D TV in your own home the way 3D was meant to be, just like at the movies.


Turn any current two player split screen gaming, into two player full screen gaming with LGs Dual Play. Both players in full screen, by filtering out your opponent through special Dual Play glasses.


Want the 3D experience at home, or access to online content?

The LG TV range is packed with features, including Cinema 3D and LG Smart TV technology - roll over these Optional Features to learn more about them.

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