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42" (106cm) Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV


SIZE32" (80cm)   42" (106cm)   50" (126cm)   55" (139cm)   60" (151cm)
  • Direct LED Backlit
  • Cinema 3D
  • Skype™
  • Time Machine II
LG 42LA6230 - 42" (106cm) Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV
LG 42LA6230 - 42" (106cm) Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV
LG 42LA6230 - 42" (106cm) Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV
LG 42LA6230 - 42" (106cm) Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV
LG 42LA6230 - 42" (106cm) Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV


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the tv I had to have I did my research and knew this was the tv I had to have. I figured to get the same desirableso from another set I would need to speNd twice as much and probably would still have lost out. Ironically it almost came to this as I almost left my run too late. Christmas and boxing day had come and gone and I was left in the pre Easter abyss. Fortunately my wife tracked a solitary unit some 30kms away. Chances were scarce and I paid top dollar but didn't hesitate. Once calibrated the picture quality blows you away -each and every time you use it. I think my wife now regrets her good deed but even she is slowly learning to love the beast too. My friendso think it is jaw dropping. Be warned though that out of the box it appears pedestrian. Once tweaked however I believe it is beyond compare. Would not trade it for anything else! Never thought I'd be saying this but -good job LG! 21 March 2014
Very Happy with the purchase Was a little nervous picking this unit up because of the negative posts on gaming response times...... I play COD and BF4 on a PS4 online and have no issues with input lag ......... picture is great and has all the extra's required ........ 18 February 2014
Great for gaming (and other stuff!) After reading the anti gaming review, I was a bit dubious, so I took my PS3 and my games to the shop to test it. It was fine in store, and at home, works beautifully with the games I've tried so far. (Sykylanders swap force: 720p, Mortal Kombat: 720p (in 3D) and Gran turismo 6: 1080p. No lag issues what so ever, and the true 3d is awesome! I haven't tried the split screen / dual play thing, as JB were out of the special glasses needed for this (which I didn't realise you need until I read the manual.) The only time I noticed an oddity, was in using the virtual remote through my iPhone and iPad (which is really cool BTW...) whereby the audio and picture went slightly out of sync. It was easily adjusted in settings and when I turned off the tv and started the next day, all was normal. Syncing to my Yamaha AMP's ARC function via HDMI took a bit of faffing, but if you get stuck, there's 2 steps on the TV once you set up the AMP... go to the simp link section in quick links and turn it on (Manual doesn't tell you this bit) then go to sound output and change it to the external speaker/ARC option. now the TV remote turns on the AMP and sends audio back through the HDMI to the amp. otherwise, everything is super easy to setup. I'm very happy. 1 January 2014
Fantasic for price compared the specs for this tv vs other tv's the quality and price isreally worth it!! can't go wrong!! 30 December 2013
This product would be great to watch but gamers steer clear it's no good. I recently bought this television it was beautiful quality and the 3D was awesome. BUT when I attempted to play a game on my PS3 the response time was shocking could not play at all. 26 December 2013
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