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65“ (164cm) LG Smart webOS, Full HD LED LCD 3D TV


SIZE55" (139cm)   60" (151cm)   65" (164cm)
  • Smart TV powered by WebOS
  • 200Hz Screen Refresh Rate
  • LED Plus Backlight Technology
  • Cinema Screen
  • LG Cinema 3D





65LB7500 3.7 5 10 10
Excellent 3D,WebOS and remote Have had this television for 3 months, love the passive 3d with blue rays, crystal clear image with very light glasses. Have it hooked directly to internet (hardwire, HFC) brilliant, kids can view youtube, iview with instant response. The remote works well (used without issue by my young children and my tech-challenged better half) , had not realised until the second month that you could also use voice input instead typing when searching youtube, this makes it so easy. Proper calibration brought the screen to life and as others have noted turn the trumotion off. Unsure of built in speakers as I connected TV directly to my home theatre system, did note that the HDMI had issues then realised the cables I own seem to have a preferred orientation, ARC would not work if one particular end was connected to the AVR (Onkyo) turning the cable around fixed the issue (note had same issue with a previous TV, in that case I threw away the offending cable not realising I could turn it around). I like that LG continues update the software regularly, freeview plus works well but you must turn Hbbtv on first. Changing the tab order means you can have all your favourites on the main screen. Overall an excellent product with great potential for WebOS to improve further with future updates. 21 September 2014
Great LED Display I have had the 55LB7500 for a few weeks. The picture once setup and calibrated is exceptional. The 55LB7500 easily provides the best 1080p LED picture on the market. The colour balance and richness is superior to my old Panasonic 50inch plasma. Brightness is too high out of the box even when set to home mode (Like every LED LCD display) .... The panel requires calibration for best performance. Colour temperature also needs to be taken down to about C3 setting, to slightly warm the panels image. My dislikes: Sound quality is very good for a flat panel.. ... however the additional 'bass' speaker on the back of the display, located on the right hand side of the display skews audio to the the right slightly. Making sound not balanced left to right. The sound is still better than many of its competitors. For some reason LG paired the rear speaker with the right channel.... rather than having it cover both left and right channel audio..... Why LG? The displays image in each corner is slightly dull compared to the rest of the image. My previous plasma was far more consistent in image brightness. I believe this is a limitation of LED technology.... not necessarily a fault of this panel. LG's True motion is rubbish. It distorts the image and causes image delay. Turn it off for best image viewing. The image is much more stable and movement is more smooth with it off. Until I did this, movement was distorted and I really didn't like the picture at all... If you google LG true motion you will find many others users with the same comments. On white computer images, the panel doesn't have very good image consistency. Some areas are darker than others. My likes: Brightness, colour and picture quality are excellent on high quality 1080p video, once the panel is calibrated correctly..... I.e. this is not the settings LG provides... The Screen bezel looks amazing and very stylish. Easily one of the most handsome screens available. The remote is fantastic and the Web OS is a real treat, especially if one is moving from a traditional TV. Beware its blutooth.... so if you are pairing this display with soundbars that require IR remote codes... be careful..... You can possibly get it working via LG's device manager but there's no guarantee. Best to get a soundbar with HDMI-ARC connectivity.... Remote note for LG...... I just wish the TV button (on the remote) when hit would make the display switch to free to air no matter what input it is on.... It currently only switches between TV apps to TV. So if you are on HDMI 1-3 it wont switch. Please fix this! Updates. The TV regularly receives (via the web) new firmware updates to improve and update settings/functions. Connectivity is excellent. I would recommend this display to others looking for an excellent IPS LED panel. It is light years ahead of the Samsung series 7000... The IPS panel has amazing off angle viewing and the picture displays very good whites and colour compared to Samsungs white-ish yellow and duller looking colour spectrum. If you have been a plasma person..... this is the only LED display you will be able to live with... Cheers 12 September 2014
Good TV. Happy I got it on sale Admittedly after swapping from a plasma TV to this TV, I find the picture quality not quite as sharp in normal definition, but watch anything in high def, blu ray etc and this TV comes to life. The picture quality is breathtaking. I found the remote control a bit weird at first and it took some time to get used to it, but now that I am used to it I can say this TV package is a pretty good all rounder. 200hz is great for sport, which I watch a lot of, and with the six star energy rating I am sure to see a difference on my power bill as opposed to my old half a star energy rated Plasma TV. Nearly all big panels regardless of brand are made by LG, Sharp or Samsung, but I found this TV dollar for dollar to be the best of the lot. I would highly recommend 9 September 2014
A brilliant TV The picture quality is excellent, particularly with blu ray and broadcast TV. The remote is different but easy to get used to, and I found the internet features impressive. This TV outperforms a lot of more expensive models. I did not experience any of the difficulties other reviewers have mentioned. 8 September 2014
Love it! This TV is so much more than just a TV!! I can not believe how much trouble some people are having! The user guide is simple and basic to follow, I am no rocket scientist but find this incredibly simple and love the interactivity of the magic remote which is an absolute asset to the overall user experience! The picture is amazing and we use ours with a Sony Muteki and the TV is that smart it even makes the Sony easier to use! No wifi drop outs, all the apps actually work, and for anyone saying about EPG issues with freeview, this TV is Freeview Plus capable which gives you an easily accessible and faultless EPG. The TV ad that says press the green button is misleading as you must enable HbbTV through settings (quick>progamme/program>HbbTV and turn it on) then you need to press the red button followed by the green and accept terms and conditions. There is a tutorial to follow on how it works! It really is idiot proof! I love it! 5/5! 6 September 2014
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