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Enjoy Cordless Freedom

The new LG CordZero 2-in-1 Handstick Vacuum
offers long lasting run time – up to 60 minutes
using both batteries in regular mode, thanks to
it’s Dual Power Pack

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Quietly and efficiently at work

With its square shape design, longer brushes and LG's unique Dual Eye 2.0 system, ROBOKING SQUARE gets even closer to corners and makes your cleaning more convenient.

Discover Roboking Square

All Vacuum Cleaners

From hardwood floors to staircases, LG vacuum cleaner models are designed for a variety of spaces. LG’s canister and robotic vacuum cleaners are also intuitive to use, which makes clean up easier than before. Learn More

Learn more about all LG vacuums:

Canister Vacuums. The ideal solution for hard-to-clean places, canister vacuums are designed to clean mini-blinds, base boards, and ledges. Features on canister vacuum cleaners may include auto or power nozzle, telescoping handles/pipes, motorised sensor drive system that allows the vacuum to follow you (no tugging necessary), HEPA filter, Kompressor® dust compression system, and a pet hair turbine tool.

Robotic Vacuums. These unique LG vacuum cleaner models are designed to do the cleaning for you – and let you focus on more important things. They often feature auto charging stations, two-way cameras, which enable faster, smarter cleaning, one-touch canister covers, multiple cleaning modes, and slim designs that allow the vacuums to easily fit under furniture.

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