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The New LG SmartWasher
Top Loader

With the new LG SmartWasher Top Loaders, you can now experience the convenience of a Top Loader, with features usually associated with Front Loaders.

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Say goodbye to you dry cleaner,
say hello to LG large capacity washing machines.

With the new LG 15kg large capacity washing machines, washing all of your bulky items such as doonas, blankets and pillows is now possible. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of visiting the dry cleaner or laundromat - all of your bulky items can now be washed in you own home.


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With a selection of high-efficiency LG washing machine models that are designed to reduce energy costs and water consumption, you’re sure to find plenty of options with the styles, colours and functions that fit your life.  Learn More

Whether you need an LG washing machine model that’s big enough for family-sized loads, or one that’s just for you, you’ll find a range of capacities (from 6.5kg to 10kg) and a selection of popular colours. Available in white, silver, black, red and more, there’s an LG washer model to meet your needs.

Featuring a sleek, silver design that gives any home a modern look, you’ll find silver washing machines that not only look great, they have a host of features like 6 Motion™ technology and LG’s Direct Drive Motor.

With Direct Drive™ technology, LG washing machine models offer less vibration and greater durability than our non-direct drive systems.

Designed to look good in any space, white LG washing machine models not only give your home a clean look, they still offer revolutionary features like LG Steam Direct Drive.

If you’re short on space - or you don’t have an external venting source, LG Integrated Washer Dryers are the perfect option. They also come in a selection of colours.

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