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Enjoy your 3D content with battery-free 3D glasses.


3D Glasses

Get closer to the action with lightweight and comfortable LG 3D glasses. Enjoy movies, TV shows, video games sports with 3D TV glasses that bring you closer to the action from the comfort of your living room. Learn More

Discover LG 3D glasses:

Storage: When not in use, store and protect your 3D TV glasses in the provided pouch.

UV Protection: Although 3D glasses offer UV protection, they meant for your 3D movie-viewing pleasure.

Cleaner: Wipe away smears and smudges on your LG 3D glasses with the provided cleaner for optimal viewing pleasure.

Adjustable Nose Pad: For a perfect fit, we offer 3D glasses with an adjustable nose pad.

Full Viewing Range: With 3D TV glasses featuring a 7m/120 degree viewing range, you’ll always have a wide, clear view of the action.

3D Shutter Glasses: The latest in 3D glasses technology, 3D shutter glasses use liquid crystal to deliver great 3D images with virtually no “ghosting” or image trailing, and synchronize with your television to let you enjoy 3D technology to the fullest.

Rechargeable: Some LG 3D glasses are rechargeable, great for hours of long-lasting entertainment.

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