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Experience a new dimension in 3D
entertainment and enjoy your
favorite 2D content converted to
3D right in the comfort of your
own home.


3D Monitors

LG 3D monitors add a whole new dimension to playing video games and watching movies. Discover how our 3D computer monitors can bring your favourite movies and videos to life. Learn More

Learn more about LG 3D monitors:

3D Glasses: Sleek and lightweight, our battery-free 3D glasses let you watch movies, games and online content directly from your 3D monitor.

3D Effect Mode: LG 3D computer monitors allow you to enjoy an even brighter and clearer picture. Because our monitors come outfitted with the 3D Effect Mode, you can select specially calibrated settings that are optimized for 3D viewing.

High-Definition: With almost double the pixel resolution, full HD provides superior picture quality on our 3D monitors let you see details like never before.

LED Backlighting: Our 3D computer monitors feature LED backlit technology, which delivers amazing brightness, clarity, and color – in 2D and 3D modes.

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