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Cell Phone Chargers

Keep your cell phone charged and ready to go. With a full range of LG phone chargers, it’s easy to keep your battery full so you can talk, text, play games and browse the web anytime, anywhere. Learn More

LG cell phone chargers offer a simple, reliable way to keep your phone in top working condition. Available in three styles, our phone chargers are in a class of their own.

Solar Options: In addition to standard cell phone chargers, we offer solar phone chargers that allow you to get 1 hour of talk time for every 2 hours of sun exposure.

Home-based Docks: With sleek, efficient home-based charging docks, you can charge your battery at night, then hit the road in the morning – fully charged and ready to go.

Car Chargers: For frequent travelers or just those on the go, we offer state-of-the-art cell phone chargers for your car that are compact and easily stored when not in use.

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