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The Shape of Innovation


Introducing the world's first curved, flexible
smartphone.* The G Flex offers cinematic viewing,
ergonomic design, and an innovative battery.

Made for what matters Nexus 5


This device is everything you need to capture, showcase, and share all that you love with everyone you care about. Live extraordinarily-from one moment to the next Nexus 5 is made for what matters most.

Made for what matters Nexus 5

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Looking for the most stylish, cutting-edge touchscreen mobile phone or the slimmest sliders with QWERTY keyboards? With all LG mobile phones listed on a single page, it’s easy to compare your options and choose the phone that’s right for you. Learn More

Learn more about the LG mobile phones available:

Bar Phones: The ultimate in simplicity, these sleek mobile phones put everything you need right at your fingertips. With nothing to flip or slide open, you can just grab your phone and go

Flip Phones: With a sleek and easy-to-use flip phone, you can prevent unintended calls and texts. Just flip your mobile phone when you need to take a call or write a text, then flip it shut when it’s no longer in use.

Slide Phones: Perfect for avid texters, these LG mobile phones allow you to use a QWERTY keyboard or touchscreen to communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

Touchscreen Phones: With an LG mobile phone boasting a sensitive touchscreen, you can dial phone numbers, text, take pictures and surf the web with just the flick of your finger.

Smartphones: These innovative mobile phones allow you to connect to the web, connect with friends and connect with colleagues no matter where you are. Featuring Wi-Fi, GPS, text, email, cameras, camcorders and more, they’re powerful devices that allow you to do much more than call.

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