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LG G TAB Tablet | High-resolution display that creates clearer images, Finer picture quality with improved pixel density of 273ppi.

LGV500 Black

Available ColoursBlack   White
  • Optimal One-Hand Grip
  • Narrow Bezel Display
  • Dual Rear Speakers


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Do you desire a device that shows you accurate colors and high-definition details for both work and play? Presenting cinema like views with incredible clarity, G Pad 8.3 provides true to nature color expression that is great for everyone and just right for you.


Catch every eye with G Pad 8.3"" Full HD (1920 x 1200) display, providing an incredible visual experience with vibrant and clear imagery that shows off every Detail even when zoomed in. With superior IPS Technology, G Pad 8.3 offers vivid and true-to-nature color expression without distortion for full color fidelity and the most natural imagery reproduction.

Rich 273 ppi Pixel Density

The 273 ppi resolution yields a finer quality image thanks to improved pixel density, resulting in sharp and detailed imagery on-screen.


Have you been searching for a device that provides a large and exceptional viewing experience and also fits easily in your pocket?
Built to be immersive yet comfortable to grip in-hand, G Pad 8.3 is the portable edge-to-edge experience that is just right for you.

Near Zero Bezel Display

Discover a form-fitted tablet with a comfortable one-handed grip, allowing the most convenient use and natural navigation. And due to its sleek profile, it is perfectly portable fitting snugly in your pocket. Experience virtual edge-to-edge viewing with no wasted space thanks to a 7.2 mm near zero bezel.


Do you need a device that lets you switch between tasks effortlessly while juggling all your priorities efficiently? With an intuitive and simple user interface, G Pad 8.3 is easy to use and easy to love therefore, it is just right for you.

Snapdragon™ 600 Processor with 1.7 GHz Quad-Core CPU

Make every on-device interaction smooth and swift with G Pad 8.3’ Snapdragon™ 600 Processor featuring Quad-Core 1.7 GHz CPU.

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Multitask efficiently with the simultaneous use of multiple apps, adjusting window size and transparency of up to Two QSlide windows, which float on top of the original screen.

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Slide Aside

Switch between any three different apps at once by sliding the screen left or right with three fingers, so you can juggle more tasks simultaneously on the big screen.

Multi-User Function

Share G Pad 8.3 with a child or a guest, allowing them to use your tablet while keeping your personal information safe. Pre-set app restrictions and access the mode directly from the unlock screen.


Knock Knock… G Pad 8.3 requires only two taps with a fingertip to wake the display or put it to sleep, sensing the gesture and turning it on or off automatically.

Life Stream

Archive your activities (posts, photos, music listened to, etc…) and have them summarized conveniently and easily accessible as an interactive scrapbook/diary.

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Voice Mate

Voice Mate is G Pad 8.3’s voice-powered personal assistant. Using Voice Mate is easy just speak naturally, and ask it to do anything you like, such as searching for a nearby restaurant, sending an email to a friend, updating your calendar, or more.


How great would it be to have the ability of using all your devices together, connecting with a simple touch? Now you can move between devices easily, without missing a beat in between. G Pad 8.3 provides a seamless experience that’s just right for you.

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QPair : Call / Message Notification

G Pad 8.3 alerts you if your smartphone receives a call or message you can even reply to messages right from the screen.

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QPair : Recent App Sticker

After turning off your smartphone, G Pad 8.3 will receive a pop-up sticker of the URL, video, or web browser you were using.

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QPair : Internet via Phone

Just push a button and G Pad 8.3 will sync with your smartphone’s wireless connectivity, or another open network.

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QPair : QuickMemo Transfer

QuickMemo allows you to write or draw on any screen and then share the memo seamlessly between G Pad 8.3 and your smartphone.


G Pad 8.3 features universal control for TVs and cable set-top-boxes in any room. You can use the keyboard on your tablet to control the cursor of the TV Guide on your big screen.


Share your world by streaming images, music, videos, or documents wirelessly from G Pad 8.3 to other devices through a simple, one-touch connection.



1) QuickPad™ - Direct Access to screen : When opening / closing the cover, LCD is automatically On/Off.
2) Detachable : Cover can easily be detached/attached by magnetic
3) Stand : QuickPad™ enables dual-mode docking (Standing / Typing)

Multimedia Charging Dock

ㆍHolds your tablet at a comfortable reading angle for comfortable multimedia enjoyment.
ㆍCompatible with LG official case.
ㆍSupports your tablet in both portrait and landscape formats.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

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