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LG A341 puts functionality and convenience in the palm of your hand with quick action fucntions and more.


Chatr Phones

Get in touch. With LG Chatr cell phones, you can talk with friends and family, check in at the office, snap photos, surf the web and more. Discover the latest innovations in LG Chatr smartphones and cell phones. Learn More

Boasting innovative features and sleek, slim designs, LG Chatr phones can help you get connected and stay connected. Just a few of the options available on our Chatr cell phones include:

3.2" Capacitive Touchscreen: With multi-touch, pinch-and-zoom functionality, this intuitive feature makes browsing the web a breeze.

Wi-Fi™ Hotspot Support: With Wi-Fi™ Hotspot support, you can turn our Chatr phones LG Phoenix into portable wireless routers and connect up to five Wi-Fi™ devices to the web.

Voice Search: Available on select LG Chatr smartphones, voice search allows you to simply touch the mic button, say what you’re looking for and receive relevant suggestions.

FM Radio: With an FM radio built into your Chatr cell phone, you can listen to live broadcasts virtually anywhere.

Bluetooth Technology: Some LG Chatr phones come equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to talk hands-free with a wireless Bluetooth headset.

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