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From our U series that is perfect for small classrooms to our P series, using PCoIP technology with VMware, that is designed to support large classrooms or offices, LG network monitors are designed to reduce cost and energy for your business. They are a breakthrough in affordable and no-hassle multi-computing solution that is easy to install and support. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make LG network monitors efficient solutions for your office:

Works with Multiple Software Configurations: Our network monitors can operate in latest software configurations, including Windows and LINUX, making it easy for users to use the monitor and install software, without requiring complex settings.

High Performance Virtual Computing Through Affiliation: Our PCoIP® P series of LG network monitors allows advanced computing with higher security compared with desktop computing systems. It also features a clear, bright LED backlit display – making computing experiences more visually comfortable

Reduced Power Consumption: At just 1 watt per user, our network monitors consume less power than most PCs – and generate less heat than PCs, making it unnecessary to lower the room temperature with air conditioning, which can help you save money.

In addition, LG network monitors can reduce electricity consumption by up to 90%, when compared with most PCs.

Silent Operations: In rooms with multiple PCs, such as offices, libraries, Internet cafes and computer rooms in schools, noise from the PCs can contribute to a disruptive environment. With LG network monitors, you can reduce the amount of noise in your space and create a more peaceful work environment.

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