Lower Costs with
Green Computing

Control your costs and power use with LG Green Computing solutions.

Green Computing

Green Computing Overview

As businesses demand for computing support increases, controlling costs and power use can become a challenge for any IT department. LG's Green Computing solutions can help reduce power consumption within your deployment, our LED monitors consume significantly less energy than traditional CCFL products. Additionally new computing innovations such as LG's Network Monitor solutions allow organizations to share unused computer resources to multiple clients, driving a lower cost of ownership and impact to the environment.

LG Solution For Green Computing

Network Monitor - LG Network Monitors enable a single PC to be shared by up to 11 students or staff at the same time. The solution has three components: LG Network Monitors, a host desktop PC, and a PCI-card kit. LG Network Monitors come in several screen sizes and dimensions. The host PC can be almost any recent PC (click for minimum specifications). The PCI-card kit is sold separately and was exclusively designed by NComputing for the LG Network Monitors.