Pro:Centric Server

LG supplies head-end equipment, such as free-to-guest management appliances and modular system transcoders that can be integrated into a centralized and cost effective system.

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Pro:Centric Server

From Gold Application Software to EPG, discover how an LG Pro:Centric server can take your viewing experience to another level while building added revenue streams and improving guest satisfaction in the process.   Learn More

Explore the best in LG innovation with a Pro:Centric TV server, which offers unique features including:

Digital concierge: LG’s Pro:Centric content delivery systems take the guest experience to another level with access to television programming, weather and a full array of hotel amenities via LG’s Pro:Centric application.

Gold Application Software: Includes programmable billboards, an interactive program guide and video spooling capabilities. LG’s Pro:Centric TV servers with Gold Application Software feature easy- to-use administrative client configuration tools for simple editing of messages and TV billboards.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Option: The EPG from LG programs time schedules and information with customizable colour schemes and various view modes, including picture in picture video or classic view.

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