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This 300W 2.1 Channel Sound System will bring your TV video content to life.

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Experience the ultimate in home audio. With stunning sound and sleek, sophisticated devices, our home audio systems are designed to help make life good. Learn More

Explore the devices that make LG home audio systems popular must-haves:

Blu-ray Soundbars: Designed with performance in mind, these LG home audio devices boast an impressive 4.1ch full surround sound speaker system with wireless subwoofer. In addition, some of these devices offer push-button access to limitless LG apps and VoD content, and allow you to connect via Wi-Fi to your PC and other digital devices.

2.1 Channel Soundbars: Take your movies, music, and entertainment to a whole new level. With these innovative home audio devices, you can enjoy rich, nuanced sounds. In addition to using our soundbars with your television or home audio system, they’re also Bluetooth compatible, which means that you can stream music from your smartphone – and enjoy your favourite tunes at home, as well as on the go.

Home Theatre Systems: With a state-of-the-art LG home audio system, you can enjoy cinema-like sound at home. From big blockbuster films, to quiet documentaries, sports to anime, our full home theatre systems feature stunning surround sound speakers and USB 2.0 connectivity, making it easier than ever to experience unrivalled sound from your television, smartphone and favourite portable devices.

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