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Simple is the New Smart. What good is Smart TV if it’s too hard to figure out? LG Smart TV with the new webOS platform is quick to learn and fun to use.



Brighter and smoother than ever before, an IPS LED television from LG still has the narrowest of profiles. As well as being slim, its LED IPS panel gives an ultra-wide viewing angle for a consistent picture from virtually any angle. Learn More
IPS LED panel TVs from LG deliver picture quality and detail like you’ve never seen before.

NANO full LED: Our IPS LED TVs have complete LED control for the deepest, darkest and most natural-looking colours, with deeper blacks achieved by uniform lighting.

Wide viewing angle: LG IPS LED televisions have IPS panels. But what are they? Standing for ‘in-plane switching’, an IPS shows the most consistent colour and contrast from the widest possible angles – turning every seat into the best in the house.

Stylish design: The innovative backlighting on LED TVs contributes to their sleek profile. Starting at just one-inch thick, our IPS LED TVs are perfect for hanging on a wall.

Smart TV: Some LED IPS televisions offer the LG Smart TV experience, letting you access thousands of movies, customizable apps and the web at the click of a button.

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