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Guaranteed Reliability

Guaranteed Reliability

A refrigerator is only as good as the motor that runs it. Our state-of-the-art linear compressor is proven reliable and is just one of the reasons why so many LG refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® qualified - and at least 20% more energy-efficient than government standards. It is so reliable that we back it with a 10-year warranty.

Quieter performance

Quieter performance

Conventional compressors maintain much higher, disrupting noise levels throughout a cooling cycle with decibel levels peaking at both the beginning and end of a cycle. With LG's exclusive soft start regulatory system you can enjoy quieter all-around performance.

Climate controlled

One of the main reasons food spoils is because of uneven temperature levels inside the refrigerator. All of the latest LG refrigerators with digital sensors are designed to maintain an optimal temperature balance, whatever the conditions.

Climate controlled

Energy Savings

The compressor in a refrigerator accounts for up to 90% of the energy consumption. LG's unique linear compressor technology has fewer moving parts, which creates less friction and saves more energy. Over time, those energy savings have the same effect as planting 16 trees.

The LG Linear Compressor drives the piston directly, resulting in only 1 friction point. That means more efficiency and greater durability.

Conventional compressors need a rod and an eccentric axis to push the piston resulting in four separate friction points.

Produces less Co2

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