LG Optimus L5

Affordable Android 4.0 Smartphone

Featuring Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 4" display, NFC, and LG's Quick Memo feature, the Optimus L5 is a stylish and affordable device that's perfect for entry-level and first-time smartphone buyers.

LG's Quick Memo can be used to draw or write on any screen so you never miss an important idea, phone number, address, etc. Save your Quick Memo for later, or share via email or social networks.

Finally, an entry-level device that packs a punch.


LG Optimus UI 3.0

LG doesn't believe in reinventing the wheel. Instead, we include several useful tweaks to build on Android 4.0's philosophy of easy access.

  • Customizable Lock Screen

    • Provides easy access to four applications of the user's choice
    • Change in Settings > Lock Screen > Widgets & Shortcuts
  • Customizable Hardware Controls

    • The on/off toggles at the top of the Notification Window are customizable.
    • Press the Edit option at the right of the panel to enter Edit Mode
    • Choose which items appear, and in what order.
    • Swipe left/right to view all selected toggles.
  • Power Saver Mode

    • Automatically adjusts hardware settings to save battery when the battery level falls below a user-defined level.
    • Go to Settings > Power Saver to turn on
    • Set the battery % level at which Power Saver will be enabled.
    • Select which settings will be changed when Power Saver is enabled, and adjust the settings levels for each.

Quick Memo

Quick Memo provides an easy way to capture notes or ideas from any screen. It's great for jotting down the phone number or address someone just gave you over the phone, or for drawing on that picture you just took. Save the file for later, or share with friends via email or your favourite social network.

  • Capture

    • Press both volume buttons at the same time to take a screen capture, or press the Quick Memo option in the dropdown Notification Window.
  • Draw or Write

    • Make your notes or draw on the screen capture
    • Using the first three options at the top of the screen, you can:
      • Remove the background to draw or write on a blank canvas
      • Edit your pen style and colour
      • Erase the note to start over
  • Save or Share

    • Press the Share button (4th from left) to email or upload to the social network of your choice.
    • Press the last button to save the file on your phone's memory.

What is LG Tag+?

LG Tag+ is LG's implementation of NFC (Near Field Communications). NFC allows you to share content between two NFC-enabled devices, such as giving someone your contact info or sharing a website. Or using customizable LG Tags, you can quickly change the device’s settings to match one of four profiles: Car Mode, Office Mode, Sleep Mode, and User Mode (which can be anything the user wants). Each profile has several settings that can be customized. Simply tap the phone to an LG Tag and all the changes happen at once. We even include two tags to get started!

  • Tap an LG Tag to Change Settings

    • Make sure NFC is turned on (Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > NFC)
    • Unlock the screen and position the back of the phone less than one inch from a programmed LG Tag to activate that tag's profile.
  • Re-program an LG Tag based on user-defined settings

    • Open the LG Tag+ app.
    • Click on Car, Office, or Sleep Mode to change settings for those profiles, or Click on User Mode to create a custom profile.
    • You can change settings (all modes), or even have it launch a specific application (user mode).
    • When done, press Write on Tag and then position the back of the phone within one inch of an LG Tag to reprogram that tag with the new settings.
  • Tap to Share

    • Hold the back of the Optimus L5 to the back of another NFC enabled device to transfer contacts, websites, or YouTube clips.
    • With the content you want to share displayed on the screen, hold the backs of the two devices near each other (both screens must be unlocked)
    • Press the Touch to Beam option
    • Transfer is completed and content is accessible on the other device


FORM FACTOR Full Touch Screen

DISPLAY 4.0" TFT LCD (Capacitive Touch)


FREQUENCY GSM (2G): 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900
UMTS (3G): 850/ 1900 – HSDPA 7.2

DIMENSION LxWxD (mm) 118.3 x 66.5 x 9.88mm

WEIGHT 123g (with battery)

BATTERY 1500 mAh Li-Ion Talk Time: up to 480 minutes – (8 hours)
• dependent on usage Standby Time: up to 408 hours – (17 days)
• dependent on usage.

MESSAGING Messaging: Threaded SMS, MMS

OPERATING SYSTEM Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

MEMORY USER: up to 2.65 GB free EXTERNAL: Micro SD expandable up to 32GB

CHIPSET MSM7225A (Cortex A5) 800MHz

CAMERA 5MP with Auto Focus & LED Flash

DATA CONNECTIVITY WI-FI™: 802.11 b/g/n BROWSER: Android Webkit Browser USB: 2.0 HS Bluetooth: V3.0 A-GPS PC SYNC NFC

SUPPORTED FORMATS Audio: MP3 / AAC(e) / WAV / WMA/AAC+ / MIDI / AMR Video: H.263 / H.264 / MP4 / DivX