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The Best Gaming Monitor for FPS Games

The Best Gaming Monitor for FPS Games

• Higher speed to kill more counterparts.
• Better visibility to find enemies faster.
• Rapid setting for the perfect gaming experience.
• Now meet the Gaming Monitor to WIN.


For Creative Professionals
Digial Cinema 4K Monitor

Convey the creative's originality,
just the way it was captured.

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Which LG flat-screen monitors will meet your needs? You can either browse all of our flat-screen monitors at once, or you can search by preferences, such as size and display type, to narrow your options and choose the one that’s right for you.  Learn More

Whether you’re looking for large LG 30-inch monitors, 24-inch monitors or our innovative 27-inch monitors, you’ll find the latest technology and innovative features designed to help you make the most the time you spend online, playing, watching movies and developing presentations. Learn more about some the features that help put LG flat-screen monitors in a class of their own.

Full HD 1080p: With double the pixel resolution, LG monitors with full HD technology offer superior picture quality when compared to monitors with standard resolution.

3D Technology: Select LG flat-screen monitors boast innovative 3D technology that lets you enjoy online content, games and movies in stunning 3-dimensional reality.

Form and Function: Sleek, slim, and with a host of features, our flat-screen monitors are designed to take up less space than many other models – and look as good off as they do on.

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