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The latest smartphone in the
award winning G Series

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The Shape of Innovation


Introducing the world's first curved, flexible
smartphone.* The G Flex offers cinematic viewing,
ergonomic design, and an innovative battery.

Made for what matters Nexus 5


This device is everything you need to capture, showcase, and share all that you love with everyone you care about. Live extraordinarily-from one moment to the next Nexus 5 is made for what matters most.

Made for what matters Nexus 5

Rogers Phones

Stay connected virtually anywhere. With LG Rogers smartphones and cell phones, you can text or chat with friends – or even surf the web, work or shop online – when it suits you best. Learn More

Experience true connectedness. With LG Rogers phones, you can talk or text with friends and colleagues, surf the web, update your social media pages and more – all on your schedule.

Discover just a few of the features that make LG Rogers cell phones popular choices:

Slim Designs: With ultra-slim designs boasting sleek, smooth lines, our Rogers phones fit into your pocket, purse or hand with ease.

Gorilla™ Glass Touchscreens: Available on select LG Rogers smartphones, Gorilla Glass is super tough and scratch resistant.

"Tri-Dual" Configuration: With a 1 GHz dual core, dual channel, & dual memory configuration, Tri-Dual technology minimizes processing bottlenecks and maximizes performance on select LG Rogers cell phones.

Threaded SMS: With Threaded SMS messaging, you can experience text messages that read more like conversations than stand-alone comments.
Large Responsive Touchscreen: Because most Rogers cell phones feature large, responsive touchscreens, they’re easier to read and control.

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