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Manuals & Documents

For the most accurate technical information regarding features, specifications, installation and operation of your LG product, please refer to the Owner's Manual and other documents available for this product.

If you don’t have the viewer program, click the link to download it.
  • Owner's Manual

    Owner’s Manual is a basic instruction that contains the product installation and usage.
  • Specification

    Specification is a detailed description of the criteria for the constituents, construction, appearance, performance, etc.

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Help Library

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    Does LG CAM Plus continue working while I connect the USB cable and charge it?
    • Operation
    • Cell Phones
    Can I use LG CAM Plus in the camera app I downloaded?
    • Operation
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    LG 360 VR, Getting Started for Adjusting Lens Width and Focus
    • Operation
    • Cell Phones
    How do I insert LG CAM Plus into my phone and vice versa?
    • Operation
    • Cell Phones
    Can I add another user to a phone?

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