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The drive to create an exceptional visual experience
has brought us to this: A ground-breaking camera and display, and cutting-edge design and fabrication, all in the palm of your hand.



Take entertainment and productivity to the next level—while adding a touch of personality to every screen. The LG G Stylo has a built-in stylus pen that makes this device a blank canvas for your unique self expression. Now is the perfect time to Make Your Mark!

Simple is the New Smart


The latest smartphone in the
award winning G Series

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The Shape of Innovation


Introducing the world's first curved, flexible
smartphone.* The G Flex offers cinematic viewing,
ergonomic design, and an innovative battery.

Made for what matters Nexus 5


This device is everything you need to capture, showcase, and share all that you love with everyone you care about. Live extraordinarily-from one moment to the next Nexus 5 is made for what matters most.

Made for what matters Nexus 5

Touch Screen Phones

Maximize usability by choosing a fashion-forward LG touch screen phone. Choose from an array of sleek and stylish devices that offer you a more advanced handset and exclusive features. It’s all just a touch away. Learn More

With the latest LG touch screen phones, you’ll get the best in functionality and fashion. Choose from an array of touch phones with innovative features like:

Tempered-glass capacitive touch screens that are not only incredibly sensitive, but allow you to control the zoom with a simple two-finger pinch.

LG Android touch screen phones that allow you to connect to the web, call, text, take videos, capture photos and more – all from a single device.

QWERTY keyboards complement many of our touch screen phones and provide you with a range of options when texting and dialing.

LG touch screen smartphones offer the ultimate in connectivity. Part assistant, part entertainer and part life recorder, smartphones make it easy to work, play and relax – no matter where you are.

Connect to the web, take a conference call, chat with friends or text your kids – it’s all within reach.

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