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29MN33D LG Monitor TV - LG CANADA

Take a glimpse into the future and discover a complete multi-media experience for work or leisure with LG TV Monitor.

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29MN33D LG Monitor TV - LG CANADA

TV Monitors

Get ready for the best entertainment you will ever experience in the comfort of your home with LG TV monitors. Step into the stunning new world of excellence when you choose a TV monitor from LG. Learn More

Discover LG TV monitors with all the latest features, including:

LG's CINEMA 3D technology: Eliminates flickering shutters from glasses, allowing you to indulge in 3D images without dizziness or weariness. No more nausea or discomfort.

Crosstalk-Free: While LG’s 3D technology enables our glasses to eliminate flickering images, our Next Generation 3D panel provides clearer, blur-free images. Enjoy a superior viewing experience with no overlapping images, or dizziness associated with conventional TV monitors.

FLATRON f Engine Technology: TV monitors with FLATRON f Engine use DAFI™ technology and RCM (Real Colour Management), which provides users with vivid, natural colours. In addition, these sophisticated TV monitors use ACE (Adaptive Colour and Contrast Enhancement) to enhance brightness and contrast – and optimise image quality.

HD 1080p Resolution: Select LG TV monitors allow you to enjoy content in full HD 1080p, the same resolution used on Blu-ray discs.

2ms Response Time: With ultra-fast response times of 2ms (GTG), many LG monitors from LG can help you minimise image distortion and enjoy sharper, crisper gaming.

HDMI Transmissions: LG TV monitors with HDMI interfaces can transmit uncompressed data streams between compatible devices, providing you with an all-digital audio/video experience using just one connection.

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