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The Next Generation 3D TV
For Greater Viewing Comfort

55 inch TV | Smart 3D TV | Full LED NANO | 6 pair Cinema 3D Glasses | Dual Core Processor


  • Cinema 3D
  • Smart TV
  • Flicker-Free 3D glasses
  • 2D to 3D Conversion


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LG 2012 high definition LM9600 LED TV is Smart and 3D. With features like TruMotion 480Hz, NANO Full LED it definitely brings life to your home with the ultimate entertainment.

NANO FULL LED is the most advanced LED technology available from LG, bringing you superior picture quality. LG’s Next Generation Cinema 3D technology with the 2D to 3D conversion feature will automatically convert standard 2D content to 3D content. This gives you the opportunity to watch 3D and regular 2D content on demand. Also, when buying this lates LG TV you get 6 pairs of Cinema 3D glasses, which are comfortable, lightweight and battery-free. LG gives you the latest in home entertainment and a comfortable 3D experience.

LG's new LM9600 TV is also a Smart TV. This brings your home entertainment to the next level with the latest TV innovation. The simple to use Magic Remote Voice, let's you control your TV viewing at the tips of your fingers and voice commands. LG makes staying in fun and smart, this is what home entertainment is all about.

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