LG G4 横扫全球,获得外媒的一致好评

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  • 2015/05/15



       □ 英国权威日报Independent评价说“G4的两大核心优势是相机以及把照片完美展示的显示屏幕。两大优势点结合,为拍摄出明亮的照片提供了必备的环境 ”。

       One of LG’s big selling points for this phone is the camera, and the screen that the pictures it takes will be seen on. Both are beautiful, and make the experience of using the phone a bright one.

       □ Gizmodo称赞说 “G4当然是安卓智能手机中拍照功能最棒的,在特定拍摄环境中,效果远远凌驾于iPhone6和iPhone6 plus之上。

       The G4 has far and away the best Android phone camera, and in specific situations it can absolutely outperform the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


       □ CNN评价称 “这应该是地球上最棒的智能手机照相机了”,对LG G4的照相技术能力,给予了极大认可。

       This might be the best smartphone camera on the planet.

       □ Forbes介绍‘G4’的照相功能是“LG通过照相机镜头向三星下了挑战书”,“比三星galaxy S6搭载的 F1.9提高10~15%更加明亮的F1.8镜头”,照相机功能获得了大众的关注。

       LG is taking-on Samsung directly in the camera department with its new G4 lens. Amounting to around 10-15% more light captured by the G4’s lens over the S6’s.

       同时,Forbes表示 “比起galaxy S6,更加应该购买LG G4的五个原因(5 Reasons To Buy The LG G4 Over The Samsung Galaxy S6)”是 ▲功能强悍的照相机 ▲可拆卸式电池 ▲支持Micro SD 卡扩展 ▲电池容量 ▲屏幕。


       □ Time评价说“天然皮革背面柔软细腻的同时具有弹性,绝对不会有异物感 ”,“纤薄弧形设计具有非常舒适稳固的握持体验”。而且“照相机的手动模式功能具有ISO, 快门速度等多种功能可以自由调整 , 对照相机赞不绝口。

       The genuine leather back is soft and supple, without feeling out of place on a phone. The G4’s ‘slim arc’ design features just enough curve to conform to the natural shape of your hand. The true highlight of the G4’s mass of new camera features is the phone’s Manual shooting mode. Giving you the opportunity to tweak all manner of settings – from white balance and focus length to ISO and shutter speed.

       □ PhoneArean表示 就‘G4’和其他公司的旗舰智能手机拍摄的照片进行比较。‘G4’是即使在逆光环境中,也能扑捉拍摄到阴影的完美表现 ”,而galaxy S6拍摄的照片被评价为 “曝光不足导致拍摄的照片几乎不能使用”。

       The LG G4 does a good job capturing the shadows in the image. Galaxy S6 that seems to have done worst of all in this scenario as the image it took is way underexposed and nearly useless.

       □ Mashable介绍说 “全部安卓智能手机中,毫无疑问的首位”, “照相机功能发展到令人惊叹的程度,提高了手机拍照的水平。智能手机 ‘serious power使用者’们喜爱的可拆卸式电池和micro SD卡扩展功能也非常亮眼”。

       The best Android smartphones all have compromises. The cameras are phenomenal and really push the limits of mobile photography to new heights. And serious power users will love the removable battery and microSD card slot.

       □ ‘G4’ 作为LG电子重点推进的旗舰智能手机,是把 ‘Visual Experience’最大化,搭载了比 ‘G3’ 光线获取度高80%的F1.8镜头和可以表现出自然色彩的 ‘IPS量子屏’。采用具有高端品质及高级质感的天然皮革背面,搭载LG电子独有的以人性化为中心的用户体验 ‘UX 4.0’,更加的理解及贴合使用者的需求。