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Personal Smart TV

Personal Smart TV

Simply point, click, drag, and flick to control everything,
including your TV programs, dynamic games, hot movies,
and media devices with LG Personal Smart TV.

Magic Remote

Magic RemoteMagic Remote

The most convenient and advanced TV remote. You can control LG Personal TV using functions of pointing, gesture and wheel.

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Home Dashboard

Home Dashboardicon

The simplest, easiest, and most customizable user interface of Smart TV. You can enjoy various contents through Home Dashboard.

Smart Share

Smart Shareicon

Browse and share fi les in your external storage devices on LG Personal TV, or seamlessly share fi les on your PC, tablet PC or smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Premium Content

Premium Contenticon

The Premium Content card selects and categorizes the most popular and useful content in your country, provided via partnership with the best content providers.

※ Service availability may vary by region.

3D worldicon

3D world

3D World on LG Personal TVs brings the best 3D movies and the finest 3D games together in one, easy-to-navigate area.

Game World

Game World icon

Enjoy a virtual console game inside your TV! LG Personal Smart TV provides tremendous fun games that are able to be downloaded and enjoyed easily.

Comfortable 3D Glassesicon

Play Video

CINEMA 3D glasses are light, battery-free, neat and economical, allowing for greater viewing comfort and convenience.

Flicker Free 3D

Flicker Free 3D icon

Flicker Free 3D

2D to 3D Convertion

2D to 3D Convertionicon

LG’s upgraded conversion technology is the most advanced one with superior depth effect and smoothness

3D Effect Modeicon

3D Effect Mode

3D Effect Mode sharpens the borders of images allowing users to feel clearer and deeper in 3D.

Dual Playicon

Dual Play

An added benefit evolved from 3D technology, Dual Play enables both you and your friend to play video games together in full screen.

Lifelike Coloricon

Lifelike Color

As LG IPS features consistency and less changes in color temperature, it offers a color impression identical to that of the original image.

Wide Viewing Angleicon

Wide Viewing Angle

LG IPS allows you to enjoy lifelike picture quality without any color shift whether you are standing or lying down.

Smooth Color Changeicon

Smooth Color Change

LG IPS always provides clear images with smooth color changes. It allows you to enjoy any content, such as action movies, web surfi ng and RPG games for a long time in comfort.



Designed with pure inspiration and cutting-edge technology,
CINEMA SCREEN design delivers an incredibly immersive
viewing experience.

Super+ Resolutionicon

Super+ Resolution

LG provides a solution with SUPER+ Resolution technology, which improves the resolution of original contents and make them look good on a larger screen.

Die hier gezeigten Features und Modelle dienen allein der Veranschaulichung.

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