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Powerful Sound, Stylishly Compact,

Bring The Party to your Home with LG Micro Hi-Fi system

Micro Hi-Fi Systems

Experience high audio-fidelity and immersive sound with Micro Hi-Fi systems from LG. Boasting rich audio and plenty of extra features, you’ll find a Micro Hi-Fi designed to take your music to the next level. Learn More

With LG Micro Hi-Fi systems, you’ll enjoy a fantastic array of features, like:

USB Direct Recording: Enables select LG Micro sound systems to record from CD to USB memory or MP3 device in MP3 format to share new music from device to device.

More Options: Select 60W CD Micro Hi-Fi systems feature an FM Tuner & USB 2.0 port with backwards compatibility to USB 1.1.

DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcast Plus): This built-in feature allows you to choose from a wider range of radio channels, all with crystal-clear sound quality

Listen Privately: External audio input and a headphone jack allow you to listen to your Micro HiFi even while others are sleeping or reading.

Sleek, Stylish Designs: All LG Micro Hi-Fi systems feature clean lines that seamlessly blend into your decor.

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