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What's your best bet for watching sports?

Explore plasma televisions from LG and see how their stylish designs and optimised picture quality creates the ultimate viewing sporting experience in your home.

Plasma TVs

Get a stunningly smooth picture and our deepest black level yet. With an LG Plasma TV, you can enjoy rich colours, life-like motion and optimised picture quality, plus stylish designs that will complement your space. Learn More

Get a better entertainment experience at home. With an LG plasma TV, you’ll enjoy innovative features like:

3D TV Technology: Immerse yourself in your favourite sports, video games, documentaries and movies as you experience breathtaking 3D effects from the comfort of your own sofa. You can convert your living room to a sports stadium or cinema with content from 3D Blu-ray, game consoles and 3D programming, or use the 2D-to-3D conversion tool on your Plasma TV to turn any program into a 3D experience.

Full HD TV: Plasma TVs featuring full HD 1080p provide the pinnacle of picture resolution with incredible clarity, vibrant colours – and up to 5x the resolution compared to standard definition TVs, and twice that of ‘HD-Ready’ TVs.

The TruBlack Filter: Get the perfect picture in any type of lighting. When you choose an LG Plasma TV with the TruBlack Filter, your TV will be able to block internal light reflections and enhance the black level and contrast – so that all you’ll see are stunning images.

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