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What you see on a TV shouldn't be any
different from what you see in real life.
LG SUPER UHD TV's Color Prime recreates
every color,giving life to every image.
Turn your viewing experience
into true-to-life experience.

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WebOS 2.0

LG webOS TV is designed to be obviously simple,
so that it is easier to learn and more fun to use.
Now, all you have to do is to relax as webOS 2.0
makes the TV experience simpler than before.

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Smart. Inspired by you.

Access a world of unlimited entertainment
effortlessly and quickly by simplifying the way you control. Control smart. Be smarter.


LG Next Generation 3D
TVs, Entertainment at
its peak

With amazing picture quality and all the
latest features such as Smart TV and
3D TV, LG has the TV you're looking for.

Escape into an unseen world you never knew existed.
Explore new depth in resolution and detail for a viewing
experience unlike any other. Join LG ULTRA HD TV 4K,
there's more to see.

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All TVs

Whether you’re looking for an HDTV for the game room, living room or bedroom, finding the right LG TV is simple. Browse all of our flat-screen TVs, or simply select your preferences with the filters on the left, and a list of recommended televisions will appear for you. Learn More

Learn more about LG flat-screen TVs – and discover just a few of the features that set them apart:

Display Type: Choose from LED, LCD and Plasma TVs, as well as 2D and 3D displays.

Screen Size: From a 32-inch for your guest room to a 60-inch flat-screen TV for your living room, LG HDTVs are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your space.

3D: LG HD televisions with 3D technology allow you to enjoy theater-quality images and stunning sound at home. And with their crystal-clear displays, they’ll even make your favourite 2D programming look better than ever.

Smart TVs: With limitless access to various forms of entertainment, these flat-screen TVs with Internet access let you customise your entertainment experience quickly and easily.

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