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Blu Ray Players

Enjoy picture-perfect movies with LG Blu-ray DVD players that are stylishly designed to fit your home. From 3D Blu ray players with Smart TV, to portable Bluray players that travel well, find your LG Blu-ray DVD players. Learn More

Whether you want a Blu-ray player that offers unrivalled picture quality and sound , or you just want to keep it simple, you’ll find a host of different LG Blu-ray DVD players with features that fit your entertainment needs:

3D-Capable Blu-ray DVD Player with SmartTV and Wireless Connectivity: Offers LG Smart TV Access and Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity, the best in HD, 3D Blu-ray disc playback, as well as standard 2D DVD and Blu-ray playback.

3D Bluray Players: Get stunning Full HD 1080p, unrivalled picture quality, and the sound of LG Blu-ray DVD technology.

Upscaling: Find Blu ray players that support standard Blu-ray Disc movies in high definition and upscale DVDs to near HD quality.

Portable Blu-ray Player: Features a 9" WVGA LCD screen for wide picture viewing, long-life built-in battery, DivX video compression technology and more.

Standard Blu-ray Players: Choose from features like DLNA, which allows any DLNA device connected to your broadband router to stream videos, music and pictures via the Blu-ray player to the TV.

Portable Blu ray Players: Choose from compact, light and portable DVD players featuring 7" or 8" screens, high-quality playback, 3D sound effects and more.

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