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Anti-Crease Function
Anti-Crease mode prevents creases that result when laundry isn’t unloaded soon after the end of the cycle
Airplane Mode
Also known as Flight Mode, this setting eliminates just the wireless radio parts of a mobile device, allowing for safe use of some features while on an airplane.
Advanced Display
A large LCD display provides instructions and diagnostics while keeping you updated on cycle status and time remaining.
Discerning customers will appreciate the innovation behind a highly energy-efficient, ductless air conditioner that doubles as a frame for their own artwork or photography.
AM/FM Tuner
Tune in to your favorite AM or FM radio stations and enjoy music, talk, news, sports and more.
AM/FM Radio Tuner [Shared with Audio]
Tune in to your favorite AM or FM radio stations and enjoy music, talk, news, sports, and more.
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The appliance is custom-installed, directly into your kitchen, to fit seamlessly with your space and décor.
The sealant rimming the refrigerator door is made of an anti-bacterial agent that protects the door seal from erosion by preventing the growth of bacteria and mould.
Many of our refrigerators are lined with a silver ion coating that protects against bacteria, fungus, and yeast growth.
The reigning high-definition DVD format based on blue laser technology and sophisticated compression for ultimate storage capacity, supported by all major manufacturers and movie studios.
Blu-ray Disc Technology [Shared with Video, Optical Drives]
The reigning high-definition DVD format, based on blue-laser technology and sophisticated compression, for ultimate storage-capacity; supported by all major manufacturers and movie studios.
Blu-ray [Shared with Home Cinema, DVD, and Blu-ray Drives]
Blu-ray players and drives use the reigning high-definition DVD format, based on blue-laser technology and sophisticated compression, for ultimate storage capacity. All major manufacturers and movie studios support Blu-ray.
Bluetooth-enabled televisions let you stream photos wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled device to the television, as well as listen to the TV using Bluetooth headphones.
Bluetooth® [shared with headsets, phones, laptops]
Bluetooth-enabled headsets let you talk hands-free in the car or anywhere else. Bluetooth also lets you stream music wirelessly, connect to the Web, transfer files, and more.
Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator
A two-door configuration, with the refrigeration section placed at eye-level for easy access to the food used the most. The freezer section is available in either of two door types—swing or drawer—depending on one’s preference.
Bridge Element
A cook top accessory that combines three cook top heating areas into one, allowing for easy use of griddles and oversized pans.
Brightness (ANSI-lumens)
A measure of the overall intensity of the image. The lower the brightness value, the darker the image; the higher the value, the lighter the image.
Software used to view web pages.
Bio Function
Bio Function heats water to 4º Celsius in the first stages of the cycle to activate enzymes in the detergent, and effectively remove protein-based stains.
Bar Phone
These popular phones get their name from their “candy bar” shape. Their easy-access buttons and prominent screen display add to their popularity.
Frequency groups assigned exclusively to wireless communication.
Bacteria Protection
LG microwave ovens have an anti-bacterial coating that is proven to reduce the growth of bacteria.
A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measurement of energy used to power air conditioners and heaters. The more BTUs, the faster the air conditioner/heater cools or heats a room
Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless is an application-development platform that allows mobile devices to run many small programs, like games, regardless of the phone’s operating system.
Bio-Tank with Nano-Silver Technology
This dust container uses tiny silver particles to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing inside. This means that the inside of your LG vacuum is clean, as is the air in your home.
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DVD Recorder
Records video onto a blank, writeable DVD discs, for backup storage or data sharing.
Dual Filter
LG tumble dryers use two filters to collect dust and fluff from your clothes, to ensure that they’re perfectly clean.
Drum Light
LG tumble dryers have a light inside the drum that switches on when the door is opened.
Drain Function
This function allows you to drain the machine of water in instances where you've forgotten to add all your laundry at the start.
Double Oven
Two high-performance ovens, with double the usable capacity of a single oven. Great for cooking large meals or preparing multiple dishes at once.
Digital Tuner
Translates and relays signals for your TV’s display from airwaves, satellites, and cables.
Digital Multi-Sensors
LG side-by-side fridges have a number of sensors that can detect even small changes in interior temperature and auto adjust controls to maintain a constant, set temperature throughout.
Delicate Program
This essential program gently dries synthetic fabrics that are heat sensitive.
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Energy Saving Recommended
The Energy Saving Trust®’s energy-efficiency scheme. Only products that meet strict criteria on energy efficiency can carry this logo.
A technology built into some mobile phones giving users access to multimedia and other broadband applications at up to three times faster than the existing rate. Stands for: Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution
Energy Saving Recommended [Shared with Home Appliance, Air Conditioning]
The Energy Saving Trust®’s energy-efficiency scheme. Only products that meet strict criteria on energy efficiency can carry this logo.
An Electronic Serial Number is a unique, 32-bit identification number used to activate a mobile phone.
Also known as Evolution Data Only, EVDO is the way some mobile phones, such as those using CDMA networks, transmit wireless data.
External Drive
External optical drives read (play) and write (burn) digital data to disc. They’re portable, connect conveniently to your PC via a cable, and do not require a power supply?as opposed to internal drives, which are installed inside your PC.
Extra Dry Programme
This is a programme for thick or quilted fabrics such as towels, which do not need ironing.
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4-Door Refrigerator
Building on the convenience and efficiency of a 3-Door Refrigerator, the 4-Door Refrigerator comes in with the freezer drawer divided into two, providing the ultimate in organization and easy access.
Favorite Course Function
Memorizes your favorite drying program, so you can activate it with the push of a button.
FM Transmitter
An FM transmitter provides access to live FM radio on their mobile device.
Flip Phone
One of our most popular designs, these phones are conveniently flipped open to answer a call (or write a text), and flipped closed to hang up.
Floor Standing Model
These air conditioners are ideal for light commercial applications and work well in large, open spaces.
Flight Mode
Also known as Airplane Mode, this setting disables just the wireless-radio parts of a mobile device, allowing for safe use of some features while on an airplane.
Frequency of Recording
On a digital-TV recorder, the greater the size of the hard disk drive, the more frequently it can record and store your favorite shows and movies without needing to delete older recordings.
A mobile phone’s frequency, measured in hertz, expresses the number of times a periodic function or vibration is repeated in a specified span of time.
French Door Refrigerator
Designed with mutually accessible dual doors that open out from the center, French door fridges are perfect for any size kitchen, as they don’t require a lot of floor space for door access. The pullout freezer drawer is mounted below the refrigeration section, allowing for easy access to frozen food storage.
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The Global System for Mobile Communications is the common worldwide technological standard for mobile communications, allowing subscribers to use their phones in many parts of the world.
Global Positioning or GPS is a navigation tool that lets users determine their relative position and movement using a receiver that calculates orientation. GPS also helps identify a user’s position in case of emergency, and is often used inside other applications.
Grill Cooking
Great for quick browning, while keeping foods moist and tender inside.
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A high-density optical disc format for storing data and high-definition video.
High-Definition Television (HDTV) is a digital TV with a much higher resolution than traditional analogue TV. All TV is being switched to digital between now and 2012. More information on digital TV is available at Digital South Africa (http://id.lge.com/digitaltv/).
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a USB-like connection standard that provides an interface between any audio/video source such as an HD DVD player, home cinema system, or LCD TV over a single, all-digital cable.
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a USB-like digital connectivity standard that can transmit high definition-quality digital audio and video signals.
Indicates a mobile phone that is Hearing Aid Compatible.
HDTV [Shared with Television, Video]
High-Definition Television (HDTV) is digital TV with a much higher resolution than traditional analogue TV. All TV is being switched to digital between now and 2012. More information on digital TV is available at Digital South Africa (http://id.lge.com/digitaltv/).
Also known as High Speed Circuit Switched Data, this software enables “bundling,” a process that accelerates data transfer.
Also known as High-Speed Download Packet Access, this 3rd generation mobile feature gives users higher data-transfer speeds for multimedia applications.
Halogen Cooking
LG’s SolarCube Light Ovens use powerful halogen lights to cook the outside of food while penetrating the surface to make sure the inside is cooked to perfection. This unique way of cooking is uncommonly fast, yet keeps foods moist and tender.
Hand Wash Program
Hand wash is a gentle-care program specifically created for fabrics classified as “hand wash only.”
High Temp/Low Temp Functions
These functions shorten or lengthen cycle time by increasing or decreasing the temperature.
Home Theater System
Turn your living room into a home cinema with one powerful, integrated entertainment system that includes a DVD player, digital receiver, 5.1 speaker combo, and AM/FM radio tuner.
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Also known as Instant Messaging, this communication tool lets users conduct an ongoing conversation, via typed messages, on their mobile phone’s screen.
Also known as Internet Message Access Protocol 4, this technology lets users retrieve and send email messages on their mobile phone’s browser.
In-Door Water Tank
This water dispenser’s tank has been cleverly relocated into the freezer door, so the water travels a shorter distance to the dispenser than in conventional side-by-side refrigerators. This allows for colder drinking water.
Induction Heat
A pioneering cook top technology that saves energy—and heats with unrivaled speed—by generating electromagnetic energy.
Internal Drive
Internal optical drives can read (play) and write (burn) digital data to disc. They’re installed internally within the casing of your PC as opposed to external drives, which connect to your PC externally, via a cable.
Iron Dry Program
This program dries fabrics that require ironing.
iPod®-Ready [Shared with Home Theater]
Designed to connect easily to your iPod and play your music through high-quality external speakers.
iPod®-Ready [Shared with Audio]
Designed to connect easily to your iPod and play your music through high-quality external speakers.
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A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a leading mobile platform, giving users the ability to download independent applications for use offline.
Jet Freezing
Cold air is pumped directly into one of the freezer compartments to ensure faster freezing. This process helps seal moisture and nutrients into the food, which in turn maintains foods’ freshness longer.
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An LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is the flat display-device or screen.
Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are illuminated through backlit panels. LCD TVs are ideal for rooms where light levels cannot be controlled.
LEDs are small lights found on many mobile phones.
LG SimpLink™
SimpLink is LG’s connectivity technology, which allows LG products to conveniently communicate with any compatible LG device via an HDMI cable.
Larger-Capacity Tumble Dryer
A large-capacity tumble dryer cuts down on the number of loads, while allowing you to dry larger items such as blankets or curtains. Also, because there is more space inside, hot air circulates better, for fewer creases.
Light Dry Program
This is a program for fabrics that only need to be ironed lightly.
Burn silkscreen-quality labels directly onto your discs thanks to LightScribe’s convenient, cost-effective, laser-printing technology.
Lilon (Lithium Ion) Battery
A lightweight, rechargeable battery used in many mobile devices.
Load Detection
Direct Drive™ detects the size of the load and selects the appropriate wash time, rinse time, and water level, for superior performance and maximum efficiency.
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A Mobile Equipment Identifier is a unique identification number that is found on any CDMA mobile device and is used for authentication purposes.
Also known as Multimedia Messaging Service, this system lets users send and receive text, image, video, and sound with their mobile device.
MP3s are digital audio files supported by many mobile phones.
Machine Iron Dry Program
This program effectively dries thicker fabrics that need to be ironed, such as bed and table linens.
Magic Crisper
This innovative feature is designed to eliminate condensation in the refrigerator, to keep food fresh longer.
A megapixel represents one-million pixels and is the unit of measurement used to describe the image-sensing ability of a digital camera. The more megapixels a camera has, the better the digital image it’s able to produce.
Miracle Zone
This handy feature allows you to select different temperatures in one of the fridge’s compartments based on the type of food that you are storing.
Mobile Email
Mobile Email is a mobile phone feature that lets users check their email via a webmail account or any other application.
Mobile Operating System
The operating system found on your mobile device, which determines what types (and versions of applications it will support.
Mobile Radio
Satellite or digital radio on a mobile phone that provides access to a variety of live, streaming channels of music, sports, talk, and more.
Multi Split Systems
These highly energy-efficient, air conditioner/heaters operate two or three interior units mounted in separate rooms for precise, individual temperature control.
Multi-Disc Changer
A DVD or CD player that allows you to insert multiple discs at one time, for continuous entertainment.
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Native Resolution
Projectors and flat-panel displays have specific constraints on their resolutions, so that only one "native" setting will deliver optimum display quality. Although other resolutions can be shown, this single native resolution will always offer the best image quality.
No-Spin Program
In the No-Spin Program, the machine drains but doesn’t spin after the wash cycle is finished, preventing creases and protecting your garments.
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PC Sync or PC Suite is software that lets users synchronize the data stored on their phone such as saved numbers, calendars, and messages with a compatible PC.
An abbreviation for Post Office Protocol version 3, POP3 lets users access email on a mobile device.
PTAC Model
These wall-fitting air conditioner/heaters stand out because of their ultra-low decibel levels and high energy-efficiency ratings.
Phone Camera
Camera phones let you shoot and store still photos and/or video using a built-in camera.
Phone Music Player
Enjoy your music wherever you go, and enjoy digital music such as MP3s in full stereo sound via your phone music player. Some models include an FM transmitter or a professionally tuned graphic equalizer.
Plasma TV
Plasma displays generate their own light. This allows a plasma TV to deliver better contrast ratio and better response to high-motion video.
Polyphonic Ringtone
Sounds that indicate an incoming call, also known as poly ringtones, polyphonic ringtones are more complex than standard, monophonic tones.
Portable Model
Portable air conditioners offer versatility and energy-efficiency for both residential and light commercial applications.
Pre-Wash Program
This program provides a longer wash cycle for particularly soiled laundry.
A system featured on mobile phones giving users the ability to communicate one-to-one or one-to-a-few, in the manner of a walkie-talkie.
PK = "Paard Kracht" - A Netherland term for power capacity measurement. It's also called Horse Power (Tenaga Kuda). 1 PK = 9000 BTU(British Termal Unit) = 745 Watt = 0.986 HP (Horse Power). 1 (one) PK sufficient to be used in 50 m3 , LxWxH = 4 x 5 x 2.5 (It still depends on the heat source of the room)
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QWERTY keyboard
These handy, miniaturized computer keyboards make emailing, texting, or surfing the Web faster and more intuitive.
Quick 30 Program
This program completes a full wash-cycle in just 30 minutes. It’s designed for laundry that needs frequent washing, such as sportswear that may get damaged by frequent, normal washing.
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Radiant Heat
Steady heat is emitted—“radiated”—from the cook top at a controlled temperature.
Real Cinema
With Real Cinema, high-definition movies run at the same 24-frames-per-second speed at which they were originally shot, bringing your home cinema system one step closer to the real thing.
Resolution [Shared with Monitors]
Refers to the amount of detail an image holds, expressed in pixels for digital imaging. The higher the resolution, the more intricate the detail.
Resolution [Shared with Television]
Refers to the amount of detail an image holds, expressed in pixels for digital imaging. The higher the resolution, the more intricate the detail.
Reversible Door
This handy feature allows you to install the tumble dryer in the most convenient place in your home.
Rinse Plus Function
Rinse Plus allots your laundry extra rinse-time to ensure that all detergent is rinsed away.
Rinse/Hold Function
This clever feature lets you leave your wash without worrying about creases, keeping clothes suspended, pre-spin cycle until you return.
Round Cavity
A round cooking area means a larger, easier-to-clean cooking space.
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A means of transferring data on a mobile device that allows sound and video to be accessed as that data is being transferred from a network source.
Also known as Short Message Service, this communication tool lets users type and send short text-messages on a phone’s keypad.
Satellite Radio-Ready
Equipped to receive hundreds of channels of XM Satellite Radio (subscription required).
SRS Sound
SRS Sound delivers natural 3D sound from any two-speaker stereo system. SRS Sound delivers a natural, surround sound-like audio experience from any listening position.
SRS TruSurround XT
SRS TruSurround XT features a patented, cinema-like bass technology providing deeper, richer bass tones.
SRS WOW is an award-winning, patented technology that significantly enhances the quality of mono and stereo audio signals. It creates the perception of improved dynamics and bass performance over standard speakers or headphones.
Screen Size class [Shared with Monitors]
For HDTVs and computer monitors, screen size is measured diagonally from the inside of the beveled edge. Measurement does not include casing.
Screen Size Class Measurements [Shared with Television]
For HDTVs and computer monitors, screen size is measured diagonally from the inside of the beveled edge. Measurement does not include casing.
SecurDisc™ lets professional and private users protect and share data securely, thanks to its ability to store data redundantly as well as digitally authenticate data.
Sensor Drying
LG tumble dryers are equipped with a sensor that estimates drying-time based on the type of fabric, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your laundry.
Side-by-Side Refrigerator
A two-door configuration featuring refrigeration and freezer sections positioned side-by-side, vertically. This fridge type boasts a large freezer-capacity, and is perfect for narrow kitchens.
Single Oven
One large-capacity, high-performance oven to meet all of your home cooking needs.
Single Split Systems
These highly energy-efficient, ductless air conditioner/heaters boast low-profile, stylish designs that fit seamlessly into any room of your home, while saving you money.
Slide Phone
Slide phones are comprised of two segments that conveniently slide apart for easy keyboard access, or slide together for keyboard protection.
Smart Phone
“Smart Phone” refers to two things: phones offering advanced features like email, internet and keyboard, or phones that run complete operating system software (or both).
Speaker Phone
A microphone and loudspeaker that lets you converse hands-free a beautiful thing when you’re driving or multi-tasking.
Washers and dryers that can be positioned one on top of the other to save space.
LG’s innovative new SteamDishwashers™ employs performance-enhancing steam to clean your dishes more thoroughly, while being more water-and energy-efficient.
Steam Dryer
LG Steam Dryers use performance-enhancing steam technology to save you time and money, while consuming less energy.
Steam Washer [Shared with Washer, Dryer, Washer/Dryer]
LG Steam Washers use performance-enhancing steam technology to save you time and money, while consuming less energy.
Steam Washer/Dryer Combo
LG uses innovative steam-technology for enhanced cleaning and drying performance in one convenient, space-saving combo unit.
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3G, or 3rd Generation, refers to the latest-generation cellular network, which provides significantly greater bandwidth, and therefore access to larger data files such as video, music, and other multimedia.
Also known as a Thin Film Diode Display, this display technology renders colors with exceptional brightness, without draining your battery.
Thru-the-Wall Model
These versatile, energy-efficient models are designed to fit a dedicated hole in the wall ideal for both residential and light commercial applications.
Time Save Function
Time Save reduces cycle time to save water and energy.
Touch Screen
Touch-screen technology allows you to activate numbers and buttons and scroll through menus, lists, and pictures with the touch of your fingertips.
TruMotion [Shared across most TVs]
Provides clearer, smoother TV images even during fast action scenes to create a clearer and crisper picture.
3-Door Refrigerator
Combines the convenience and efficiency of both side-by-side and bottom freezer models, with two top doors and a large-capacity freezer.
Time-Delay Function
This helpful feature allows you to program a cycle to finish 3-19 hours later for ultimate convenience.
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A plug-in connection often used for transferring data between mobile phones and other devices, such as PCs.
USB 2.0 [Shared with Television]
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most common connection format between computers and peripherals, such as monitors, printers, and optical drives. USB 2.0 allows far speedier input/output data transfers.
USB Media Host
Connects to PCs, laptops, or flash drives so you can view photos or listen to music from an external source.
Dedicated technology inside the DVD player that enhances the information stored on a standard-definition DVD. Up-scaling creates a high-definition output for HDTV via HDMI, resulting in superior image quality.
Up-scaling [Shared with Video]
Dedicated technology inside the DVD player enhances the information stored on a standard-definition DVD to create a high-definition output for HDTV via HDMI, resulting in superior sound quality.
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Very Dry Program
This is a program for thick or quilted fabrics such as towels, that do not need ironing.
Voice Dialing
Voice Dialing lets you dial phone numbers by simply speaking the name of the person or contact. In order to use the voice-dialing feature, you must first assign voice labels to the pertinent numbers in your phonebook.
A service for receiving, storing, and retrieving audio-messages on a mobile phone, in the place of an answering machine.
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WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) provides access to websites that are specially designed for WAP-enabled mobile phones.
Also known as Wideband CDMA or 3GSM, a 3rd generation mobile technology that enables rapid downloading of data, like web pages and multimedia, on a mobile device.
Refers to any high-definition, widescreen LCD display.
A customizable background displayed on a mobile phone screen.
Wash Program
Multiple wash-programs allow you to perfectly calibrate a wash cycle according to the size of the load, and type of garments to be washed.
Washable HEPA 13 Filter
The washable HEPA 13 Filter has four layers, including one charcoal layer, to eliminate dust and odor. The washable filter has been shown to remove 99.97% of dust from the air.
WaveDOM Crispy Cooking Function
A stainless steel platter inside the microwave ensures that foods have a crispy base and a lightly browned upper surface.
WaveDOM Roast Cooking Function
Conventional grill microwaves only heat from above the LG WaveDOM uses a roast rack and platter to brown foods all the way around.
WaveDOM Steam Cooking Function
WaveDOM Steam Cooking employs a stainless-steel platter atop a perforated rack itself set above a reservoir of water to create steam and cook foods.
Web Browsing
Thanks to wireless connections via cellular networks or Local Area Network (LAN), this feature lets you connect to the Internet via your phone any time, anywhere.
Wool Program
This program specifically dries wool clothing.
Also known as Wireless Local Area Networks, this technology lets users connect to the Internet, and/or access email on their mobile phone or other wireless device, in a given physical area.
Window Model
Stylish and energy-efficient, our single unit window model air conditioners are designed for placement in the window of a house or flat, to cool all or part of a room.
Windows Mobile
Take advantage of advanced applications on Incite, the Windows equipped smartphone by LG.
Wireless Speakers
Eliminates the need for speaker cables, allowing for more freedom and flexibility of speaker placement.
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XD Engine
Reduces signal-noise and improves brightness, contrast, and detail for cinema-like, high-resolution picture quality.
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