LG G4 Stylus


Greater capability is now comfortably within your reach. Add versatility to your life and do more with the LG G4 Stylus. Be free to express yourself everyday with a pen that has as much precision as it does practicality.

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LG G3 Stylus


G3 Stylus has greater value than having a pen.
On top of having a pen, it comes with the 5.5” display that is enough for any task.
A better way to note at a smarter price
LG G3 Stylus

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From touch screen phones and mobiles powered by Android™, to those with state-of-the-art cameras, LG mobiles boast features that let you customise your experience. Choose from an array of sleek styles and functional extras and find your ideal phone. Learn More

Browse all of our cell phones and search by optional features, including:

Camera: Choose an 8-megapixel camera with functions like Text Scan, video, advanced optics and more so you can capture the moment in style.

Powered by Android™: Take advantage of the host of applications from Android™ Market while enjoying LG GSM mobiles that offer the ultimate Smartphone experience.

Touch Screen Phone: With features like quality cameras, in-screen keyboards, accelerometers and GPS, you’ll find touch phones that put state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips.

QWERTY Keyboard: Type, text and stay connected effortlessly when you choose an LG cell phone with the QWERTY keypad option.

Wi-Fi: Enjoy internet access with lightning fast Wi-Fi connection and a PC-like internet browser.

GPS Navigation. With features like Hidden Navigation and Neon Touch Navigation, you’re always in the driver’s seat when you have an LG mobile with navigation.

MP3 Player. Some LG mobile phones feature MP3 players, voice recognition software and other features, so you can play music, take photos, schedule your day, read back text messages and more.

Bluetooth. Talk hands-free with a wireless Bluetooth headset, or link up to your PC for access to music and games, pictures, contacts, and more.

Web and Email. Stay connected on the go when you have access to the web and your email anytime, anywhere.

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