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Kompressor Plus offrers enhanced dust compressor system that reduces dust particles flying out when you empty your vacuum cleaner

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Vacuum bags

At LG, you’ll find bag vacuum cleaners with compact designs that result in simple, efficient, yet stylish tools with detachable accessories. Don’t want to mess with a vacuum bag? We also have bagless designs for your home. Learn More

LG’s newest bag vacuum cleaners feature the world’s first Motorized Dirt Compression system, which compacts dirt into solid cubes that are easy and hygienic to dispose. You’ll find features like:

A unique Rotablade. This feature inside the dirt chamber rotates continuously from side to side, tightly compacting dirt. Then, when the vacuum bag container is full and a dirt cube has been formed, the digital “Dirt Full" indicator lights up.

Easy emptying of vacuum storage bag. Removing the dirt cubes from the compressor is easy, and the cubes can be removed with a simple flick of the wrist.

HEPA Filter. A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is a fine-dirt and odour air-shield. It consists of a carbon filter to deodorize smells, and a HEPA 12- or 13-filter that removes 99.97% of dirt.

Bagless cyclone vacuum cleaners. These offer exceptional suction and power, without the vacuum bag. Designed to be used on hard floors, carpets and even furniture, our bagless cyclone vacuums make tidying up easier than ever.

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