Video Conference System

LG’s premium VCS (Video Conferencing System)
breaks away from the mold of complicated
interactive communications to deliver
a total solution offering

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Video Conference Systems

With video conferencing systems and products from LG, it’s easier than ever to connect, no matter where you are. Find LG network monitors and other video conferencing products loaded with innovative features & technology that makes it easy to go virtual. Learn More

Find video conferencing solutions designed to keep you connected:

Face to Face without the Fuss: With rapid changes happening in the world’s economy, the need to react to them at an equally fast rate is vital. With LG’s premium network monitor systems, you can make your presence felt as near enough as in person whilst saving time and travelling costs. We break away from the mould of complicated interactive communications to deliver a total video conferencing solution. Everything is integrated into a single system from a compact design to a full complement of features and technologies, combining HD video with a high quality audio system to deliver a vivid system like no other.

The Ultimate Multi Computing Solution for Business, Education or Government: LG’s LCD network monitors “virtualise" the PC so that up to 31 users can share it at the same time. Each user runs their own applications as if they had their own desktop. These video conferencing systems are a breakthrough in affordable, no-hassle computing that are easy to install and support. They’re also height adjustable and wall mountable.

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