Saving Water & Time With Eco Hybrid

LG's Eco Hybrid technology offers Eco dry and Normal dry options which can save water and time. You may choose water or time saving with Eco Hybrid depending on your needs.

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LG Sapience

LG Hygienic Washing Machine

At LG, we're constantly making things better. Thats why we've added a hygienic heater to help remove tough stains, bacteria & detergent residue.

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6 Motion Direct Drive

More Motion,Better Washing

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Washing Machines

Featuring cutting-edge washing machine technology, a choice of attractive colours, as well as sleek, modern designs – LG washing machines not only make your clothes look their best – they make your home look brilliant, too. Learn More

Choose an LG washer that boasts the latest in innovative technology, including:

Direct Drive Motors: By eliminating the belts and pulleys on our washing machines, LG’s Inverter Direct Drive System increases the motor’s efficiency. This not only cuts back on energy use and makes it less susceptible to breakdowns – it helps reduce noise levels as well. All Direct Drive washing machines come with a 10-year warranty on the motor and all its parts as standard.

Steam Technology: LG washing machines featuring steam technology not only allow you to kiss wrinkles goodbye, but they can help you eliminate 99.8% of pet dander, dust mites, and other common allergens. What’s more, the unique LG steam generator penetrates fabrics for enhanced cleaning performance.

6 Motion: Get six motions and one amazing washing machine performance. Using unique technology inspired by hand-washing motions, washers with 6 Motion technology are able to perform multiple drum motions, or a combination of different motions depending on the wash programme selected, giving you brilliant results every time.

Washing Machines

All Washing Machines

All Washing Machines

View our award winning Front Load washers high efficiency Top Load washers in a convenient traditional design.

Front loading washing

Front loading washing

Explore LG’s award-winning front load washers, featuring time and energy saving cycles, and great performance.

Top loading washing

Top loading washing

View LG’s highly energy efficient top load washers with a usable load capacity that’s more than 10% larger than our competitors’ washers.

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