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Air Conditioning & Energy Solution

The LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Company is an industry leading complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy solution company trusted around the world, which provides Residential Air Conditioning (RAC), Commercial Air Conditioning (CAC) and Lighting solutions around the world.

Based on technological leadership and combining a full line-up of HVAC system, lighting solutions and high technology, LG AE has been providing comprehensive, energy efficient and environmentally responsible solutions to customers with diverse needs across the globe.
Recently, LG AE is increasingly expanding into specialized B2B solutions with a central focus on eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Through its innovative technology, heavy investments in R&D and effective marketing strategies, LG AE has broken its own sales records every year since 2000.
Through a comprehensive solution, LG AE Company is aiming to reach USD 10 billion in global sales by 2015.

Main Products

  • Residential Air Conditioning

    Our residential air conditioners boast world class energy efficiency, consuming up to 74 percent less energy than non-inverter models. Noise levels have also been reduced to a whisper-quiet 17dB. Our latest air conditioners also provide an innovative skin care feature via LG’s advanced plasma technology.
  • System Air Conditioning

    With a full line-up of system air conditioning solutions from VRFs to chillers, LG provides system-wide efficiency and the latest eco-friendly technologies in a variety of SAC options. This flexibility allows LG’s products to be tailored to meet the specific needs of both the local environment and the building size, whether it’s a small-sized commercial building or a major city landmark.
  • LED Lighting

    LG is an innovator in the lighting industry, providing alternative lighting solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. LG understands the diverse needs of its customers, and as such offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions.
  • Control Solutions

    From single home networking systems to central management systems for large buildings, LG provides a raft of control systems to manage indoor environments and reduce energy consumption. Combining a full line-up of HVAC systems, lighting solutions and advanced technologies, LG’s central management solutions maintain interior temperatures and even lighting brightness at ideal levels.