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Home Appliance

The smart appliances from LG Electronics Home Appliance Company enrich your life, and make your home greener, more reliable and more efficient.

LG Home Appliance Company has always provided leading-edge technology with stylish designs. LG is committed to preserving our natural environment and creating consumer-optimized products. In particular, LG has long been a top brand in washing machines, delivering innovation, durability and exceptional performance.
Through their enhanced connectivity, LG’s smart appliances enabled by THINQ™ technology provide our customers with the ultimate benefits of empowerment and convenience, delivering a fully integrated smart solution today.
Underpinning all LG’s achievements are its four core technologies – the Linear Compressor, Inverter Direct Drive™, Lightwave and KOMPRESSOR. LG is also making homes smarter and more connected with its THINQ™ technology: the Smart Grid, Smart Diagnosis, Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Smart Manager. LG’s smart appliances enrich consumers’ lives, making their homes greener, more reliable and more efficient.
Building on its outstanding range of existing products, LG is taking a proactive approach to energy and environmental issues as it looks to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency. LG also cares about hygiene in the home, creating products with health-conscious features. In addition, to help our customers lead healthier, more convenient lives, LG is planning to expand its healthcare business with new health-conscious products based on CoreCare³™.

Main Products

  • Front Loading Washing Machine

    LG has always been a global leader in bringing the smartest, largest-capacity washing machines to market. Our latest models are based on our innovative, world-first 6Motion technology, which delivers an outstandingly deep wash, with a range of cycles optimized for different types of fabric. As LG places eco-friendliness at the top of its concerns, we are committed to harmonizing all of our technologies with the environment. Our eco-friendly, high-performance Inverter Direct Drive with a 10-year warranty delivers a 20 percent enhancement to washing, while cutting energy use by 25 percent and water consumption by 45 percent. Our washing machines feature other key innovative technologies, such as an innovative damping system and a fixed outer tub. The machine’s 22.2-lb (11kg) wash load is the largest in any 24-inch cabinet, offering total efficiency for multiple-duty loads. The result of LG’s technological breakthroughs and consumer-oriented policies, the new 6 Motion™ will be the backbone of LG’s washing machine lineup for several years to come.
  • LG Truesteam™ Dishwasher

    Thanks to LG’s proprietary built-in TrueSteam generator, the Steam Power cycle creates powerful steam that can dissolve the toughest residue, leaving dishes perfectly clean without the hassle of pre-washing by hand. The Steam care cycle uses gentler steam to remove resistant stains, such as lipstick, without damaging or scratching stemware or other delicate items. In addition, LG’s Inverter Direct Drive™ motor makes the dishwasher highly energy efficient, cutting energy use by up to 17 percent compared with conventional LG dishwashers. It also makes washing and draining quieter than ever, with noise levels of 38 decibels, some of the quietest in its category. The Inverter Direct Drive comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • European Side-by-Side Refrigerator

    LG’s latest refrigerator demonstrates the company’s commitment to eco-friendly homes and kitchens. Its Linear Compressor greatly enhances energy efficiency (first A++, A-40%), while its extra-large capacity (614L) is complemented by a smart inner structure and the world’s first Slim Door Mounted Ice Maker. The Hygiene Fresh and Vacuum Fresh system ensures food stays fresher and healthier, and the fridge’s entire water supply system operates without the need for separate plumbing (Non-Plumbing System). With all these features, LG’s new fridge delivers smart energy efficiency, a bumper-sized capacity, and smart technology that enriches consumers’ lives.
  • Multi-door Bottom Freezer Fridge

    LG’s other flagship model is its bumper-sized, French-door (four-door) refrigerator. Its Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling power and reduces internal friction, helping the fridge achieve an A++ rating for energy consumption. The fridge’s Linear Compressor enables total efficiency: Fewer friction points work to reduce noise levels significantly while enhancing the product’s durability, allowing LG to offer a 10-year warranty. Accessible through an auxiliary door, a fresh storage compartment mounted on the rear side of the main door is the perfect storage area for snacks and drinks. It helps keep food fresh, ensures no interior space is wasted, and gives owners greater freedom to arrange their groceries as they need. LG’s advanced refrigerator completely freshens and deodorizes itself every 70 minutes, bringing consumers even closer to natural freshness.
  • European Bottom Freezer (iPRO)

    LG’s home appliances range also includes its latest 102-gallon (385-liter) bottom freezer, the I-Pro, which was awarded an A+++ grade for energy consumption. This year, the I-Pro was also honored for its superlative design at the iF Design Award and reddot Design Award. By combining LG’s Linear Compressor technology with a smart inner structure, the new LG bottom freezer frees up about 13 gallons (50 liters) of space compared with standard 79-inch (2-meter) bottom freezers. This enables consumers to store more food in a more organized way, meaning less time spent on grocery shopping.
  • Lightwave Convection Oven

    Demonstrating LG’s commitment to the environment and to improving customers’ lives, LG presents its latest cooking innovation, the Lightwave Convection Oven. The Lightwave’s Charcoal Lighting Heater cooks like real charcoal, while also reducing levels of fat and cholesterol. By using charcoal as its heat source, the new oven lets consumers cook food that is more natural, healthier and tastier. The oven’s Charcoal Lighting Heater also helps maintain a natural flow of heat that penetrates deep into foods while also keeping them succulent. This helps make grilled dishes as delicious as anything from a restaurant. The oven’s temperature gauge and pre-programmed recipes let consumers cook more easily by automatically adjusting temperatures to optimum levels and providing detailed instructions for how to turn out perfect food. Though highly innovative and packed with features, the Lightwave Convection Oven has a premium look that is designed to fit in perfectly with any kitchen. Just as important, the Lightwave Convection Oven uses up to 40 percent less energy when preheating than competitor microwave ovens, while also saving on cooking time.

    LG presents its new premium vacuum cleaner, the KOMPRESSOR™ SMART ELITE, equipped with LG’s Kompressor technology. LG’s unique technology lets the Kompressor store up to three times more dust than non-compressor models, and packs dust into a dust wedge that is easy to dispose of. By adding enhanced health-conscious features – such as a Power Punch, steam mopping and the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system – the Kompressor delivers more than just powerful vacuuming. Power Punch flushes out mites and fine dust by tapping the surface of bedding nearly 3,000 times a minute, while the Steam Mopping feature delivers a chemical-free, deep steam clean through an all-in-one nozzle that vacuums and mops at the same time. As dust accumulates in the compressor, the dust gauge allows you to see the level of dust in the bin, and then gives you a voice alert when it’s almost full. On top of this, they can take full advantage of minimized noise – thanks to a mechanism that blocks noise from the fan and motor – with maximized suction power. All told, the Kompressor is perfect for people who want their homes to be both clean and hygienic.
  • Built-in Appliances

    LG’s built-in appliances turn individual home appliances into “My Signature Kitchen.” Presented in a well-designed integrated package with LG’s cutting-edge kitchen technologies, LG’s built-in appliances – hoods, hobs, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators – bring big improvements to consumers’ kitchens and their overall quality of life. LG’s built-in ovens offer a water-friendly Easy Clean, which let users eliminate grease stains and food scraps on inside walls by simply spraying water and pressing the ‘Easy Clean’ button. Compared to the normal Pyrolytic self-cleaning function, Easy Clean saves more energy and takes no more than 30 minutes. With Michelin Star rated chef Guy Martin’s recipes, LG’s built-in oven provides tips for cooking more delicious, healthier food. With their unique TrueSteam™ Technology, our built-in dishwashers clean tableware gently while leaving it with a genuine sparkle. Its 95°C cleaning power ensures no residue is left on the dishes once they’ve been cleaned.
  • Water Purifiers

    LG’s Water Purifier aims to provide customers with cleaner, safer water. Four-step filtration, a hygienic, stainless steel water tank and a band heater that boils water indirectly get rid of any worries about bacteria that arise with traditional water purifiers. The reliability of LG’s Water Purifier is reinforced with Inside Care, a new maintenance system that sterilizes all water flows, including in the hose connected to the main water tank, a “blind spot” in older water purifiers. Providing an optimum water solution with a premium design, LG’s Water Purifier upgrades your kitchen and keeps you and your family healthier.
  • Air Purifiers

    The evolution of LG’s air purifying technology has resulted in the debut of our 3-in-1 air purifier. This multiuse air purifier functions as three different air-solution devices: an air cleaner, an NPI (Nano Plasma Ion) sterilizer and a natural humidifier. CoreCare³™, LG’s smart technology, filters harmful substances in the air, humidifies and washes the air through natural vaporization, and catches viruses and bacteria with NPI. With LG’s Air Purifier, customers can enjoy more pleasant air, safe in the knowledge that their children are being protected from respiratory disease.