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Home Entertainment

LG has become a top global player in home entertainment by blending stylish design and cutting-edge 3D and Smart TV technology in their flat-panel TVs, audio players, monitors, PC and other products.

LG Home Entertainment Company is a major manufacturer of high-tech electronics with an ongoing commitment to developing next-generation displays. This gives LG a distinct advantage in this fast-moving industry.

LG will continue to invest in future technology and redefine expectations for the future of entertainment, thus positioning itself as the No. 1 global player in the home entertainment market.

Main Products

  • LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV

    LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV brings greater immersion to the 3D home entertainment experience. The CINEMA SCREEN Design has reduced the bezel to 1mm, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing. Based on LG’s own NetCast platform, LG’s Smart TV ecosystem has grown in scale and sophistication. Featuring over 1,200 apps and rapidly growing 3D content available through premium content services, LG’s Smart TV provides the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, home entertainment experience possible.
  • LG Pentouch Smart TV

    LG Pentouch Smart TV integrates a variety of sophisticated technologies into a single plasma TV, delivering a thoroughly interactive Smart TV with a wide range of utility, from entertainment and education to business. Its built-in Pentouch function (Pentouch Plus) allows you to use its Pentouch software without a PC, and users can write, draw, or color on the TV screen using the Magic Pen. This innovative product also comes with LG's Magic Remote, which allows for easy and convenient control of its Smart TV functions.
  • LG Monitors

    LG Monitors, built with the IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel, provides a remarkably advanced viewing experience. Synergizing with the advantages of its IPS panel, 3D contents can be enjoyed in greater depth, color and brightness at a wider viewing angle. Its CINEMA SCREEN design represents an advance in design as well, owing to technology and artistic inspiration. LG Monitors are also equipped with MHL, Wi Di, HDMI, USB quick play and Smart Share.
  • Ultrabook PC

    The LG SUPER Ultrabook Z330 brings the value of ultimate portability with its Super Compact Clutch design. At 13.3 inches and weighing only 1.21 kg, the Ultrabook as the added virtue of being only 14.7mm thin all around. LG Z330’s Super Speed Boot technology boasts a revolutionary booting speed of 9.9 seconds which is 3 times faster than other laptops.
  • Smart TV Upgrader

    LG’s Smart TV Upgrader SP820 turns ordinary living rooms into Home Entertainment power houses with LG’s Trend-Setting Smart TV content services and Apps. Through the SP820, viewers can experience the world of LG’s Smart TV, which features a robust selection of premium content and over 1,200 apps, along with full web browsing and file sharing capabilities.
  • Home Theatre System with 3D Sound Zooming

    The new LG CINEMA 3D SOUND Blu-ray™ Home Theater, with the world’s first 3D Sound Zooming technology, allows you to enjoy the most fulfilling 3D entertainment experience. 3D entertainment becomes much realer as 3D sound zooms in and out towards you in perfect sync with the onscreen 3D images. Moreover, the 9.1 Upright 3D Speakers deliver sound from top to bottom to bring a true 360º 3D sound experience.
  • Professional Display & Hospitality TV

    LG’s Professional Displays have been designed to give maximum practical benefit to our customers. A wide range of information display options let businesses choose the best solution for their environment. LG Hospitality TV provides benefits to both hotels and guests. Hotels can be protected against digital to digital recording through Pro:Idiom and Pro:Centric which enable guests to operate multi-media devices in their room, while also accessing hotel information through their TVs with a single remote control. LG Professional Display satisfies the customers’ needs in maximizing display utilization. What’s more, LG’s Digital Signage combines the large LED screen with super narrow bezel, shine-out, high brightness and smart energy saving.
  • Projector

    LG's versatile CF3D is the world's first Full HD Single Lens Type 3D Projector featuring an amazing brightness rating of 2,500 ANSI-lumens and a high contrast ratio of 7,000:1. LG's CF3D enhanced technology features TruMotion 120Hz for smoother images of HDTV quality. CF3D also offers superb color correction to provide natural looking images by incorporating both Dual Engine and 3D Auto Picture Calibration technology.
  • Car Audio

    LG’s stylish smart car audio allows you to play your music smart by downloading the LG Car Remote App to your smart phone for easy use. With 3D Sound, the phase of the sound is raised to ear level so that the sound surrounds the listener. Furthermore, Bluetooth wireless technology lets you enjoy easy and safe hands free operation.
  • Security System

    LG security meets consumer needs by incorporating smart technologies into its digital products. LG IP system is the most advanced surveillance technology with Video Management Suite (VMS) and LG Ipsolute Mobile App. LG lets you enjoy vivid images of high resolution, anywhere and anytime, using the Smartphone or personal computer.