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GD Korea


3D Projector (CF3D)

- A 3D projector for professionals with performance as powerful as two projects combined
- The strong external aluminum body emphasizes its minimal yet professional design for experts
- Equipped with an electric-open ventilation system on the side that prevents the inflow of dust and minimizes the risk for fire-perfect for the 3D image device
- Prevents a possible risk of any wrong operation by children or anyone unfamiliar with the machine by placing all important keys inside

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Commercial Vacuum Cleaner (Jack POT)

- Schools, restaurants, hospitals and many other places can be as clean as your home with this big-volume vacuum cleaner
- A sturdy and powerful structure that is perfect for its large build offers incomparable durability and performance
- Its relatively smaller size enhances storability and mobility compared to competitors' conventional cylindrical figures
- The unique dust-compressing technique accommodates more dusts in a smaller container
- Go green with an easily removable dust container without a dust bag
- A variety of replaceable body covers gives you more options for colors and materials for your machine. It is fully recyclable and reusable with eco-friendly design

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Optimus Z (SU-950)

- A simple design that stands out among other smartphones with bright colors and showy patterns
- Features a straight contour to emphasize its external black metal body
- The dynamic top and bottom parts look slim with the oblique outline and the contoured rear area gives you better grip
- Optimized for transferring files between your phone and PC; simply shake and drag
- The four keys at the bottom on the front add usability and prevent wrong touch inputs

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Optimus Q (LU2300))

- A QWERTY keypad for users who heavily rely on text typing
- A variety of options for text typing, including the QWERTY keypad, tracking ball, multi-touch and navigation keypad
- The contoured rear part gives you better grip in case of a long-time use

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Smart Manual

- An online manual with quick and simple tips for diverse smartphone features
- Together with text and images, demo videos are provided in a way that anyone can easily understand
- Its simple menu structure and super-intuitive interface give great accessibility for anyone
- Logically and sequentially organized so that you can pick up what you need quick

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- An LED TV with an ultra-thin (8.8 mm) body, simple and refined design
- The narrow gap between the screen and bezel (0.7 mm) delivers live and dynamic TV experience
- Its ultra-thin (8.8 mm) and simple design, and flat cables come more useful when decorating your living room with it
- Improved usability with the detachable mount, particularly when hanging it on the wall

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Ultra Slim LED Monitor (E90)

- A monitor designed slim and simple
- Features the narrowest ever screen-bezel gap (0.5 mm) to give you the most comfortable viewing angle and to eliminate any disturbance when watching TV
- Used the metal material with the diagonal line pattern and brand new premium style, which is different from conventional black-color monitors
- Achieves its ultra-slim design thanks to the monitor module placed on the stand and a low-profile connection between the screen and the stand
- The monitor module having a touch sensor and speaker function to enhance user convenience

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24" Macro F1246TD6 (Black), F1246TD (White)

- Features a slick and minimal design that is differentiated from common washing machines with the mechanical circular door
- Its new curved glass on the front gives a simple and clean look
- The operation panel angle is easy to manipulate, and the door-opening button is convenient when putting the laundry in and out
- The touch-type LCD operation panel is easy to maneuver

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Clavis Stand Type Kimchi Refrigerator

- The first four-door kimchi refrigerator in the domestic market, specially created for those who want more uses for the fridge's top portion
- This new four-door kimchi fridge allows users to use the space wisely and store the spicy vegetable as well as frozen and refrigerated products
- A revolutionary technique called "Door-in-Door," in which spaces can be compartmentalized by users to give them easy access to the space they use more frequently
- A streamlined design without non-essential edges and handles out, creating a consistent look with your kitchen

Download (JPEG, 107KB)

Whisen Venezia Stand Air Conditioner (F-W152UANW)

- Features a slim design aimed at giving harmonious interior and boosting space-cooling efficiency
- Curved top and front portions are unique to other floor standing air conditioners
- Has artistic qualities thanks to the cooperation with designers like A. Mendini and Neville Brody
- Its PIR sensor detects human locations in the neighborhood and adjusts the wind power, creating both of the quickly circulating direct winds and slowly approaching indirect winds for people in the room
- Features the air vent with the sliding cover that opens only in operation mode; the sliding cover prevents the inflow of dust or children's fingers from being trapped in the vent

Download (JPEG, 97KB)

XNOTE (P210)

- The LCD display has been maximized for an extended screen and borderless, simple design
- Under the borderless concept, unnecessary elements have been removed to make it look simpler than ever
- Boasts a consistent look with the square corner joint, which is rare for regular laptops, and the clean arrangement of functional ports
- A symmetrical keyboard for enhanced usability

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