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IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards)

IDEA is the most influential design award in North America and therefore of great importance for LG, given the size of the North American market. The award recognizes products of superior design quality as well as products, that have achieved exceptional status on the market. Read more about the IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards)


Wall-mounted projector (AN 110)

The innovative ’new frame’ panel digital projector that can be wall-mounted is just stunningly beautiful! Its fretwork-patterned front acryl panel reduces fingerprints and dust piles. Whether wall-mounted or the desktop or stand models, however, this amazing new Digital Projector has various useful features such as an automatic lens door, a ventilator, an auto-focus function, and a remote zoom control. AN110 can generate a 100-inch picture from a 3.8-5.3m distance. Also, a left to right Lens Shift is possible for the users convenience. The biggest scale of Magnesium Dye Casting was applied to this product for the first time worldwide, which guarantees the products reliability and quality. Real materials such as acryl and magnesium, which are recyclable, were also used. In addition, the noise it produces rates as little as 25 dB, which is another attraction of this new horizontal Digital Projector.

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