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iF Design

Established in 1954, the German iF Design Award has more than 50 years of history and tradition. Once a year, an exacting screening committee comprised of world-famous designers rigorously search candidates in terms of how safety and environment-friendliness are integrated in product design. Read more about the iF Design?


Plum (P210)

By minimizing the area surrounding the screen, the laptop has a beautifully compact 11-inch body and 12.5-inch wide screen. Breaking away from the rounded hinge type frequently used on existing models, the square hinge cap used in this model flows with the shape of the body and ensures a sense of unity in the design. The arrangement of the functional ports gives a neat appearance, and the minimization of normally oversized ports means more room for each of the ports, making them easier to use than those on other laptops. Various antennas are installed on the keyboard, rather than on the LCD screen, maximizing the size of the screen. This ensures the space available is fully utilized whilst realizing optimum antenna performance at the same time.

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Netbook (X170)

A budget notebook that can meet the requirements of any teenager or twenty-something, with a simple rounded square shape and a sleek design featuring high gloss and patterned panels. At only 25–mm thick, with a high-gloss IMR film coating, this model is beautifully designed, despite its reasonable price tag. The color and material of the notebook's resin-coated surface prevent paint from peeling off, without the need for any extra spray coating, and the front IMR film prevents the high gloss material from fading.

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Realization of Ultra Slim, Light Design and Narrow Bezel. Ultra slim design — 0.88 cm, 12 kg display. The bezel size is minimized to 1.2 cm and a 0.6–mm gap between the bezel and the screen removes any factors that could interrupt TV viewing. A Nano Full LED, similar to an AV box, is used to ensure sleek presentation and facilitate cable management. The speakers, function buttons and stand are all integrated into the design. TV Matches with Interior, Simple Bracket Design. A bracket is supplied for simple installation onto the wall and a film-type, rather than a pipe-type, power cable is used to blend in with the interior.

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LED TV (LW7700)

Perfect Real Aluminum LED TV. The most suitable metal has been used to make this TV as lightweight as possible, whilst providing users with a reliable, well-made product and emphasizing the feeling of luxury. Methods involving complex chemical processes, which were previously used in the production of aluminum products (e.g., anodizing), are eliminated by introducing a much simpler hi-polymer roll coating of PCM (pre-coated metal) This ensures reliability and cost-effectiveness, meaning that the product can be produced in large volumes, whilst also being eco-friendly. Based on the facet concept, transparent and opaque aluminum are used together in this sleek design.

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F Platinum (R-T809MBMTP)

By considering customers’ opinions on frequently used container and drawer functions, a new concept Door-In-Door design is applied for a new approach to refrigerator doors and multi-purpose containers. This means that users can find what they want and what they use frequently without using the refrigerator door as often, using new innovation to enhance usability and greatly reducing energy consumption and giving users an unexpected, impressive feature. The electronic display, which appears when touching the exterior and the home bar, disappears again when not in use and the frameless glass door with a slim border trim adds to the minimalist look.

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I-PJT Refrigerator

New and chic two tone symmetry structure is created by integrating and arranging distracted exterior design factors on the left band line. The linear compressor provides customers with a fresher, more environmentally-friendly option through total efficiency in capacity, energy savings, low noise level, durability and reliability. LG has acquired ROHS environmental certification and collects and recycles all of its old models. The packaging is environmentally friendly as it is produced using recyclable materials. LG features the industry’s biggest capacity of 385 l in a standard 2–meter tall bottom freezer refrigerator.

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Solar Global Light Wave Oven series

Solar Global Light Wave Oven Series. This compact size oven is designed to coordinate with various styles of kitchen interior and can be easily installed, even in narrow spaces. It has a cutting-edge image, with tinted glass in the control panel and in the door, bringing a sense of unity to the design. The pull-down door design differentiates this model from most existing compact ovens and microwave ovens, which have a side-opening design. Users are able to put in or take out food whilst wearing oven gloves with the enhanced user convenience of the oven.

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24” Macro

New round glass is applied to create a simple and clean image. The steam wash function, the first of its kind in the world, reducing allergens and gives a deeper clean. What's more, the introduction of a direct drive inverter motor and 6 motion control technologies allow you to manage different loads and cycles. Eco-friendly materials such as frontal round glass are used. LG has acquired ROHS environmental certification and collects and recycles all of its old models.

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Focus (PAR30)

By introducing an LED lamp, effectively replacing the previous halogen lamp, compatibility with the existing power supply is considered and the design is coordinated with your light fixtures and interior decor. The heat sink design with aluminum die-casting process prolongs the lifespan of the LED and reduces energy consumption by emitting light efficiently. When switched on/off, the LED light is animated, displaying LG lighting’s signature look. The exposed level visualizes functions to control the angle of the beam and differentiating it from existing lamps and allowing it to be used for a variety of user applications.

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