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reddot Award

Launched in 1955, the German reddot Design Award, together with the iF Design Award, are Europe's two top design awards. World-renowned designers evaluate candidates, exhaustively deliberate on the results, and grant reddot's accreditation to the winners. Read more about the reddot Award


Pentouch PDP TV

This revolutionary television allows users to create drawings on their television screen.
- The metal line frame creates a slim bezel.
- The wing stand makes the screen look lighter.
- Experience something new: draw on the screen with the Pentouch function and use the ultra-simple motion-recognition remote control.  

Download (JPEG, 180KB)

Cinema 3D TV (LM9600)

- LED 3D TV featuring the world's best bezel-free design
- The ultra-slim 4.9 mm bezel gives the appearance of a bezel-free TV.
- The floating screen concept is realized into an effective bezel-free design, creating an effect where 3D images look like they're floating in thin air.
- Premium design achieved through a variety of finishings including metal processing, extrusion, seamless bending and dia-cut etc.  

Download (JPEG, 164KB)

Cinema 3D TV (LM8600)

- Minimalistic design maximizes user experience, immersing viewers in 3D images.
- Bezel-free design giving the impression that the screen is floating.
- The restrained and minimalistic design improves the 3D experience.
- High-quality appearance, using a metallic, yet seemingly transparent, material.  

Download (JPEG, 179KB)

3D Laptop (A550)

15.6-inch laptop optimized for producing and enjoying 3D content
- 4.1 channel speakers to help users enjoy real-like 3D content.
- Glasses-free 3D images and IPS provide a wide range of user experiences.
- The 'L-type' design is used to make the joints invisible when the laptop is opened.
- Neat design thanks to the full-size island keyboard.  

Download (JPEG, 220KB)

Ultrabook (Z330)

The metal design maximizes the world's best slim (14.8 mm) laptop.
- Minimalistic design, removing unnecessary lines and aspects
- Slim design using stylish side lines based on traditional Korean architecture.
- Box-type design used to set off the laptop's slim bezel and compact size.  

Download (JPEG, 242KB)

2.1-channel 3D Blu-ray Home Theater (BH5320F)

Home theater with minimalistic design emphasizing figurative perspectives.
- Hair-line patterns and nano-spray processing, providing a stylish look.
- Satisfaction guaranteed thanks to the reasonable price and perfect design.  

Download (JPEG, 285KB)

Speaker (ND5520)

Docking speaker with simple, minimalistic design
- The dual-docking system allows two devices to be docked at the same time
- Available for iPod, iPad, Android etc.  

Download (JPEG, 528KB)

Projector (HW600)

Minimalistic design achieved by reinterpreting the functional elements
- New ventilation system that allows the vent to be removed from the front, enabling the projector to be used in inclined positions
- Simple form created by translating functional parts into design elements
- Elegant, low-cost design using rubber for water resistance and a transparent, yet solid, polycarbonate.  

Download (JPEG, 180KB)

European premium combination refrigerator

- Stylish design removing the trim panel of the water dispenser on the front; ensuring convenience of opening the door even in tight space
- Balanced appearance achieved by placing the dispenser in the center.
- Enough space is provided for a vegetable box and stair-type drawers have been incorporated to enhance usability.  

Download (JPEG, 261KB)

Tromm Styler

Translating a new concept of clothing management into the design, the product not only removes wrinkles and odors using steam and moving hangers but also sterilizes, dries, deodorizes clothes and even adds fragrance.
- The touch panel appears only when it is in operation to make it look like high-end furniture.
- The exterior design emphasizes harmony with other furniture as it can be built into units.
- The interior design enhances usability: clothes, bedding, and even fashion accessories can be used with extreme convenience.  

Download (JPEG, 392KB)

Magic Remote Control

Stylish and functional design optimized for the Magic Motion Remote Control.
- The ergonomic design enhances grip, distinguishing it from existing remote controls.
- The innovative wheel button on the remote control improves convenience.
- Shimmering silver color and materials are used to match the TV set.  

Download (JPEG, 228KB)

Smart Dongle

- Practical keyring design that can easily be carried anywhere
- The waterproof and dustproof functions let users make the best use in a variety of environments.
- Maximized energy efficiency means batteries can be used for more than 6 months without needing to be replaced.  

Download (JPEG, 233KB)

Dishwasher (Tyche)

Dishwasher with the TrueSteam technology, the first of its kind in the world
- The slim, black panel is designed to emphasize a simple and clean look.
- Convenient UI layout with the main program and options set out separately on the right and left side.
- The world's first TrueSteam technology and direct drive motor contribute to the powerful yet gentle cleaning and energy saving.  

Download (JPEG, 285KB)

Four-door refrigerator (Signature)

Refrigerator with door-in-door design, reflecting users' need to access cold drinks quickly
- The space in the refrigerator has been restructured to allow users to store frequently used items at the front and arrange food for long-term use at the back.
- The door-in-door design ensures convenience and efficiency for refrigerating and storing food.
- Freezer usability is enhanced thanks to the easy-handle, designed to easily separate interior space.  

Download (JPEG, 207KB)