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Technology Strategy

LG focuses on gaining advanced technologies to drive you forward. Our vigorous commitment to R&D is demonstrated by our creation of the world's first Blu-ray disc and the next-generation flat-panel display.

Smart Technology for Customers

LG Electronics is increasing its focus on "Smart Technology" - technology that adds convenience and joy to customers' lives. Smart Technology is a development philosophy that embraces sensitive communication with customers in order to provide products that everybody wants to use, and easily can. This customer-oriented principle has become the most important development philosophy for LG, a result of collecting customer feedback and applying it to our products.

Our Goal: To Lead Global Electronics and Information Technology Worldwide

In order to sustain leadership among global electronics and information technology companies, LG Electronics' R&D is driving the development of "Great Products" and strengthening core technological capabilities through a process of "select and focus" in key areas such as cell phones and digital TVs.

In important business areas such as digital appliances and audio/video products, LG is establishing global leadership in development by focusing on premium products while enhancing R&D capacities in new product categories.

Furthermore, in new-business areas such as home networking, GPS, and mobile A/V, the company is directing its efforts toward developing convergence products in response to the current trend of merging different technologies and products. What's more, the company is leading the new market by actively participating in pilot projects to develop new products with various service providers.

Achievement Through Top Talent Recruitment and R&D Systems Consolidation

To achieve its lofty goals, LG Electronics continuously recruits new talent and strives to increase its global business by consolidating R&D systems oriented toward local markets in strategic countries such as China and India. The company is also building international R&D capacity by pushing ahead on strategic alliances with other major companies in regard to standardization and new products.

LG Electronics operates a global R&D system that consists of more than 30 research centers around the world. Through this system, the company facilitates open innovation utilizing innovative technologies from the outside, in order to secure core technologies and the early identification of future growth engines. In all these ways, LG is on target toward realizing its vision: Top Global R&D.