LG wins 12 design & Technology honors at CES 2012

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), LG Electronics' strategic products such as smart LED TV, 3D smart PDP TV, and the Refrigerator won tweleve CES 2012 Innovation Awards including the Best of Innovations.

[Best of Innovations/ Innovations Award] Refrigerator with Blast chiller (LFX31935)

LG has improved the conventional insulation methods with its thin vacuum and enhanced foam insulation technology. Through this new technology, the width of the insulation panel has been significantly reduced by up to 23%, making the refrigerator wall even slimmer. This slim yet incredibly effective insulation allows a larger refrigerator capacity without sacrificing energy efficiency. LG’s unique Slim Space door mounted ice making system also greatly contributes to the maximization of the inner space. With Blast Chiller technology, this refrigerator can chill 12oz. beverage cans in less than five minutes. By comparison, a typical refrigerator takes about 40 minutes to accomplish this task - even in the freezer. This innovation is made possible by a jet of flowing and swirling super-cooled air. There is an exclusive area fed with an air supply duct for the Blast Chiller that can accommodate either two cans of soda or a bottle of wine at one time. This compartment does not impact the performance of the main refrigerator or freezer compartments.

LG’s honorees for the 2012 International CES are:

[Innovations Award] NANO FULL LED CINEMA 3D Smart TV (55LM9600)

Delivering the ultimate in LED technology, LG’s 55-inch LM9600 incorporates NANO Lighting Technology which employs a thin film printed with a full array of LEDs, giving it uniform light distribution and detailed local dimming, in both 2D and 3D modes, this model offers improved picture consistency creating images that are brighter, clearer and 1.remarkably fluid 2. Natural in motion. The TruMotion 480HZ processor creates smooth and crisp pictures without blur or “jaggies.”

[Innovations Award] LED CINEMA 3D Smart TV (55LM8600)

The 55-inch LM8600 is an edge-lit LED HDTV that employs LG’s exclusive LED Plus™ technology, which provides local dimming to improve contrast by tailoring lighting needs to the actual picture. Edge lighting also allows the TV to feature suggest replacing ‘feature’ with ‘employ’ a slim, stylish frame (only 1.3-inch depth). Its TruMotion 240Hz allows viewers to enjoy the most refined picture even in the fastest action sequences.

[Innovations Award] 3D Smart Plasma TV (60PM9700)

The 60PM9700 design uses real metal material Suggest replacing ‘real metal material’ with 1. a high quality metal. 2. attractive metal. matched with a black hairline frame, both of which emphasize a best-in-class premium look. Also, it provides a furniture-like stand with an ergonomic wing-style design. LG designed the lower panel to complete the slim even-bezel look in order to draw the viewers’ attention to the screen rather than its surroundings. Connectivity includes features such as USB 2.0 ports for DivX movies, photo management and MP3 functionalities, as well as four HDMI ports and built-in Wi-Fi.

[Innovations Award] Smart Blu-ray Disc Player (BP720)

LG’s BP720 is designed to combine convenience with design, a process that simplifies and yet expands the user experience. The device features a half-height slot-loading tray, a feature that allowed engineers to reduce the height from 49mm to a short Suggest replacing ‘short’ with 1. Low. 2. Low-profile. 3. Slim. 37.5mm which gives it a more modern feel. The easy-to-use browser offers full support of HTML5 and Adobe Flash, two formats that add greatly to a consumer’s experience online.

[Innovations Award] Smart TV Upgrader (SP820)

LG’s SP820 is designed with a sleek, ultra-premium package. Its casing was developed with high quality resin, molded to give a sophisticated and distinctive look that will fit seamlessly into any decor. The upper half of the device is high-gloss black, while the lower portion offers a mystic Suggest replacing ‘offers a mystic’ with 1. is set off with a stylish. 2.incorporates a distinctive. 3. sports an attractive. design that layers a gradated semi-clear material and a chrome material that reflects light. The device easily connects to any TV with HDMI ports.

[Innovations Award] iPod Docking Speaker (ND8520)

LG collaborated with Apple to include AirPlay in the ND8520 for streaming from any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as well as Macs and Windows PCs that are running iTunes 10.1 or later. An integrated screen displays album artwork and song information, when streaming from iTunes. Playback controls are also included on both the speaker and a remote control. The powerful 2.1ch 80W sound strengthens bass sound, further enhancing listening experience. It also includes technology to minimize any potential sounds lost during streaming.

[Innovations Award] LG Doubleplay (LG C729)

LG DoublePlay is a stylish, multifaceted phone built with texting in mind. Featuring dual capacitive touchscreens and a split physical QWERTY keyboard, LG DoublePlay makes multitasking simple. Users will never miss a text or have to quit apps, making it more convenient than ever to simultaneously have conversations and check out the latest pictures, videos and games.

[Innovations Award] LG Revolution

The LG Revolution is the world’s first virtualized Android mobile device, offering two operating systems in a single device. Within the mobile industry, this concept is known as “dual-persona”. At LG however, we affectionately term it the “P&B” device – “Privacy & Business”. “Privacy” refers to the personal operating system controlled by the individual (or the employee) and “Business,” which is virtualized, refers to the corporate operating system managed directly by the company’s IT department. In an increasingly device-heavy world, the LG Revolution offers end-users the ability to combine their personal and professional mobile devices while maintaining the privacy desired by the consumer and the security demanded by the enterprise.

[Innovations Award] HOM-BOT 2.0 (LrV5900)

The HOM-BOT 2.0, LG’s intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner, requires the least amount of attention from the homeowner, both in the cleaning process and for the cleaner itself. Its Dual Eye Camera Sensor along with Ultrasonic and Vision Sensors, Optical Flow and Gyro Sensors team together to locate, map and remember the floor plan, while the Infrared Sensor helps to sense and avoid obstacles. The precise movements and powerful vacuuming of the HOM-BOT 2.0 means extra time for the user, while the extremely low noise levels of the vacuum cleaner add to the convenience and overall quality of the product.