CES 2007


Name : International CES 2007

Date : January 8 - 11, 2007

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

Exhibition Product Areas:
- Audio/Video, Home Theater
- Information Technology
- Digital Imaging
- Mobile/Wireless Communication

LG Electronics took part in the 2007 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibition, the world's largest exhibition of electronic products, from December 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in America. Taking up 2043m2 of the Central Hall, LG Electronics featured a range of products including the 'Super Multi Blue' player/storage device (soon to be the leading trend in the visual devices market), Full HD LCD TV and a variety of hi-tech mobile phones.
As a world leader in technology, LG Electronics is the first in the world to complete the development of a 'Super Multi Blue' player, a device that allows you to play any movie regardless of its HD standards.
During the exhibition, numerous visitors were drawn to the HD images shown on a 71-inch full HD PDP TV.

Super Multi Blue (Model: BH-100)

LG Electronics introduced Super Multi optical storage drives featuring enhanced flexibility for the next-generation DVD formats and security features. Key products from LG - the largest optical storage manufacturer in the world and the leading drive supplier in the U.S. - include the groundbreaking 'Super Multi Blue' Blu-ray Disc Rewriter and HD DVD-ROM Drive and the new Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Security Function featuring "SecurDisc"TM technology co-developed with Nero.

  • The first dual-format high-definition disc player

Ultra light HSDPA Laptop A1

A wide range of laptop computers featuring various convergence functions, such as WiBro and HSDPA, was also introduced. With outstanding mobility (10.6-inch screen and weighing merely 1 kg), the A1 series and the convertible laptop C1 series are the smallest of all LG laptop computers, and are anticipated to lead the currently expanding sub-notebook market within the coming years.

  • Ultra light laptop computer with 10.6-inch screen and weighing 1 kg
  • Implements all recent functions including dual core CPU, 3D graphics and DMB reception

Full HD LCD TV Range

LG Electronics presented a wide range of its full HD LCD and HD PDP TVs, showing their high standards in flat-screen TV. They established a Full HD TV Zone at the front of their booth featuring innovative flat-screen TV technology with 100/55/52/47/42/37-inch Full HD LCD TVs as well as 102/71/60/50-inch Full HD PDP TVs. The newly introduced 102-inch PDP TVs in particular have a screen resolution of Full HD (2.07 megapixels) which is twice that of existing HD TVs (1 megapixel), implementing 1000 candelas and a contrast ratio of over 5000:1.

47-inch Full HD Time Machine LCD TV(Model: 47LB1DR)

  • Implements a full HD with an upgraded picture quality 200% better than normal HD
  • Featuring the digital picture quality enhancement chip, the NEW XD engine
  • Featuring the fifth generation reception chip to ensure clear and consistent imaging
  • Including a 250 GB hard disk for the automatic recording time machine functions for up to two hours of live broadcast

Wide Monitor

To incorporate the expectations of a steep increase in wide monitor demand owing to next year's launch of Windows Vista, LG Electronics displayed a huge range of 19/20/22/24-inch wide LCD monitors. The 'L6W Series' implements the world's greatest contrast ratio (3000:1) as well as a 2 ms (millisecond, 1/1000 second) response speed. The functions and design of this product are custom-made to maximize the Windows Vista experience. In the future, LG Electronics plans to employ a joint marketing strategy with Microsoft in order to bring out the optimum Windows Vista monitor range on the market.

22-inch Wide LCD Monitor (Model: L226WT)

  • 2-inch wide LCD monitor
  • 1680 x 1050 resolution, brightness 300cd
  • Contrast ratio 3000:1, response speed 5 ms, viewing angles 170 horizontal and vertical
  • Analog & Digital Interface (DVI-D)


LG Electronics attracted the attention of visitors with their 'SHINE' products, the first introduction of stainless steel incorporated mobile phones overseas. 'SHINE' uses stainless steel materials unlike its existing competitors which mostly use plastic, making it unique in the feeling of material and in its innovative style and cutting-edge design.


  • 98.4 x 50.6 x 13.8 mm (115g)
  • LCD: 2.2-inch QVGA level 260,000 color TFT LCD
  • Including a 2 megapixel camera and 1 GB memory capacity - Implementing a simple and luxurious metal keypad and scroll key
  • Implementing a simple and luxurious metal keypad and scroll key

3G Chocolate Phone

LG Electronics not only displayed the renowned world hit 'Chocolate' model but also other models from the Chocolate family product range such as the 3G Chocolate Phone. This comes in a variety of colors including White, cherry red and mint green and was also displayed with the Chocolate Folder phone that have been shown on the North American market.


  • Including a 2 megapixel camera and 180 MB memory capacity
  • Touch keypad with a simple and minimalist design
  • HSDPA mobile phone supporting a download speed of 1.8 Mbps