CES 2011


Name : International CES 2011

Date : January. 6 ~ 9, 2011

Venue : Las Vegas Convention Center

Exhibition Product Areas : Smart TV / Smart Phone / Smart Home Appliances / Smart 3D Projector / 3D TV / 3D Sound Home theater / 3D Monitor

LG Electronics participated in the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) from January 6 - 9.

With a theme of "Simply Smarter", LG Electronics introduced more than 450 products, including smart TV, 3D TV, smartphone and smart home appliances in 22,012 square feet of booth space.

LG unveiled LZ9700, the world's largest 72-inch full LED 3D TV that comes with latest smart technologies at CES 2011. Various devices to enjoy 3D content were also introduced, such as the world's first 3D projector with dual engine, 3D sound Blu-ray home theater system and 60-inch pen-touch 3D PDP TV.

In addition, Optimus 2X, the world's first smartphone with dual core processor and Optimus Black, the world's slimmest stylish smartphone were revealed for the first time during the trade show.

LG Electronics also proved that it state-of-the-art technology in consumer electronics and home appliances by showcasing a wide ranghas e of smart home appliances.

Advanced Technology and Environmental Policy

Smart TV - NANO Full LED TV

Based on NetCast 2.0, the LG Electronics' smart TV platform, it allows you to easily access premium media content, such as VOD (Video on Demand), and LG applications. LG Smart TV's GUI named "Home Dashboard" displays a series of card-shaped icons on a single screen for premium content (e.g. live broadcasting and VOD service), the app store, preferred channels and recommended content. With Home Dashboard, anyone can access various content services and applications by simply clicking an icon without going through complicated menus.

Model : LW9500

  • NetCast 2.0
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • GUI(Graphic User Interface) : Home Dashboard
  • Magic Motion Remote Control

3D Sound Home Theater

LG Electronics' 3D Sound Home Theater System delivers optimized 3D sound, enabling 3D video watching as if you are in a movie theater. Real 3D sound is achieved by adopting 3D sound speakers (upper unit), dual subwoofers and the Digital Signal Process (DSP) chip. It has earned the 2011 CES Innovation Honoree Award for excellence in the category of Integrated Home Systems.

Model : HX996TS

  • 2 Subwoofer
  • DSP:Digital Signal Process

FLATRON 3D Full HD Monitor

Flatron delivers full HD resolution, which is twice brighter and clearer than the existing HD monitor and six times than the SD monitor. A true 120Hz monitor can display 120 frames per second, allowing you to play high-definition graphic games without an image-sticking phenomenon even in dynamic scenes. In addition, it employs the 2D to 3D real-time conversion technology, so you can enjoy 2D content in 3D.

Modl : W2363D

  • 23” Wide (16:9)
  • 1920x1080 of high resolution
  • Contrast ratio 70,000:1
  • 170/160 viewing angle

XNOTE P210 Series

The P210 Series features a 12.5-inch HD LED LCD and yet with a width of 299 mm, height of 192 mm, length of 20.9 mm (pure flat), it is much compact and slimmer than the 11.6-inch laptop. It weighs only 1.3 Kg and is comparably lighter than the existing 12.5-inch laptop. In terms of hardware, it boasts Intel Core i5-470UM 1.33GHz processor, Intel HD Graphics, 4GB memory, and 320GB HDD. The laptop is designed to help you focus on the screen by reducing the screen bezel and applying black as the screen. Except for the screen area, it comes in white, which make it look sophisticated and stylish. It has recently won the 2011 iF Design Award.

Model : P210

  • LCD 12.5” HD LED LCD
  • Size : 299 x 192 x Flat 20.9mm
  • Weight : 1.3Kg
  • CPU : Core i5 470UM 1.33GHz
  • Memory :Full 4GB
  • HDD 320GB (Slim, 5400rpm)
  • OS : Windows7 Home Premium

Optimus Black

Optimus Black comes with the NOVA display which boasts improved brightness and energy-saving capability. The NOVA display has smaller grids than the existing IPS LCD panel, so it can emit more lights while reducing power consumption by 50%. With a max 700 nit of brightness for the first time in the industry, the display offers a brighter picture and excellent visibility in outdoor. With a thickness of 6 mm (the thickest part is only 9.2 mm), Optimus Black is the slimmest smartphone among the existing ones, and it only weighs 109 grams.

Optimus 2X

With a 1GHz dual core processor, Optimus 2X boasts fast Internet access and game processing speed, PC-equivalent performance and improved power consumption compared to the same class with a single core. In particular, Optimus 2X significantly reduces loading time of web pages that include graphic-rich 3D games, high-capacity applications, large size e-mails and Flash images/videos. By connecting Optimus 2X to TV, you can make a video call and watch 3D images on a big screen.

Model : LG-P990

Smart Appliances - washer & dryer

Washer Dryer Combo features the ColdWash and SlamProof functions and allows you to cut your electricity bill by operating it in a non-peak hour (Smart Grid). This combo can be operated by your smartphone and tablet PC (Smart Access). When an error occurs, you can diagnose the current status of the machine by pressing the "smart diagnosis" button and send the results to the service center, allowing the center to find out the cause of the error and prepare an appropriate service in advance (Smart Diagnosis). You can also download new washing mode just like you download applications for your smartphone (Smart Adapt).

  • ColdWash
  • SlamProof
  • Smart Access / Smart Grid / Smart Diagnosis / Smart Adapt

Smart Appliances – Refrigerator

As a convertible, space-saving refrigerator, it features a various smart functions, such as Auto-Drawer and Slim Indoor Ice-Maker. It determines when to freeze and defrost foods according to the estimated electric bill sent from the power company and allows you to check power consumption on a weekly or monthly basis (Smart Grid). You can easily check what kind of foods are in the refrigerator and their expiration date. When grocery shopping, you can also access the list of food items remained in the refrigerator using your smartphone and tablet PC, which prevents unnecessary purchases (Food Management).

  • Auto-Drawer
  • Slim Indoor Ice-Maker
  • Smart Access / Smart Grid / Smart Diagnosis / Food Management