IFA 2006


Name : Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2006

Date : September 1~6, 2006

Location : Berlin Messe, Germany

Participants : Approximately 1,200 corporations from 40 nations

Display Products : mobile phones, PDP/LCD TVs, PC notebooks, monitors, home theaters, etc.

LG Electronics participated in the IFA 2006, Europe's biggest display and AV exhibition, held in Berlin, Germany, September 1-6, 2006. The company released the latest high-tech products in its 2,700 square meter booth, such as LCD TVs, PDP TVs, Chocolate Phone, and mobile TV phones.

In particular, LG Electronics presented its premium line of super-large TVs, including 102-inch PDP TV, 100-inch LCD TV, and 71-inch gold-decorated PDP TV, as well as a full line-up of LCD/PDP TVs with built-in DVRs, and 37-, 42-, and 47-inch full HD LCD TVs. LG also displayed 100 state-of-the-art mobile phones such as the global bestseller Chocolate Phone, mobile TV phones (DVB-H, DMB, Media FLO), 3G phones, 5-megapixel digital phones, and other cutting-edge mobile phones equipped with innovative designs and functionalities. The company exhibited its home theaters, MP3 players, recorders, and other products that embody the convergence of technologies and infused with premium designs. The company showed Hollywood films using its Blu-ray player (BD-100) targeting the next-generation DVD market to draw the attention of visitors.

Super-large flat panel TVs

Showcased in this exhibit were 102-inch PDP TVs, 100-inch LCD TVs, 71-inch gold-decorated PDP TVs, and other premium TVs by LG. These super-large full HD class TVs (2.07 megapixels, 1,920×1,080) have a screen resolution twice that of existing HD TVs (1 megapixel, 1,366×768). The 71-inch plasma TV comes packed with a gold-decorated home theater and set-top box, thereby emphasizing the most premium platinum image of 'Luxury Gold Design'.

71-inch full HD PDP TV with gold accents (Model: MN-71PY10G)

  • 16:9 wide screen, equipped with the XD engine
  • Implements full HD with a picture quality that is 200% better than that of the HD class
  • 1.07 billion colors / brightness 1000 cd/m2 / contrast ratio 1,500:1

PDP TVs with Built-in DVRs

Also featured was the lineup of LG's 37- and 42-inch LCD TVs, and 42-, 50-inch PDP TVs with built-in DVRs, and other TVs. TVs with built-in DVRs embed 80 GB hard disks and store 40 hours of broadcast, and automatically record one hour of programs, giving users the convenience of replaying and watching recorded live programs.

42-inch PDP TV with built-in DVR (Model: 42PC1RR)

  • Won EISA Award
  • Equipped with an 80-GB hard disk, enabling built-in DVR functionality


LG Electronics presented a full lineup of its 2-megapixel full HD (high picture quality) 37-, 42-, and 47-inch LCD TVs. In particular, the production of its 37-inch full HD LCD TV is profoundly meaningful, as smaller screens make it technically more difficult to implement a 2-megapixel full HD resolution. These full HD PDP TVs include a 60-inch plasma TV that complements the full HD 71-inch gold-accented PDP TVs currently available in the market.

47-inch full HD LCD TV with built-in DVR (Model: 47LB1DR)

  • Implements a full HD with a picture quality that is 200% better than that of the HD class
  • Embedded with the 5th
  • generation reception chip to ensure nothing but the clearest images
  • Embedded with a 250
  • GB hard disk enabling built-in DVR functionality to automatically record up to two hours of live broadcasts

Super Multi-DVD Recorder

LG Electronics presented its Super Multi-DVD recorder (RH0MHS), winner of the 2006 EISA Video Recorder Award, reddot design award-winning wireless home theater (LH-WH9695IA), and Blu-ray player (BD-100) targeting the next-generation DVD market. Also exhibited were DMB mobile devices that can play DMD content such as music (FM35), PC notebooks, and PDAs, showcased in their exclusive zone.

Model: RH-200MHS

  • Won EISA Award
  • Enables DVD replay/record of all standards
  • Embedded with a 250-GB HDD to enable the storage of 345 hours of SD video
  • Its MPEG4 recording technology enables the user to store up to 625 hours of video
  • Its MPEG4 recording technology enables the user to store up to 625 hours of video
  • Adopts picture quality compensation technology called the Digital Video Effect (DVFX) chip algorithm

Fantasy Monitor

With its basic concept inspired by the interplay of light and humanity, the Fantasy Series is designed to offer an interaction between a monitor and a user. The Series consists of the △ L 1900J that resembles luminous ceramics △ L1900R and its intriguing curves, and △ L1900E inspired by the beauty of a lunar eclipse. With red LED subtly installed in the right places, this product simulates a unique ambience, and can serve as an interior decor even when not in operation, which makes it more a piece of art than a home appliance.

19-inch LCD monitor (Model: L1900J, L1900R, L1900E)

  • Vertical and horizontal viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Response speed 4 ms, brightness 300 cd, contrast ratio 2000:1
  • High-speed response without afterimages

Super-slim mobile phone

LG Electronics demonstrated its innovative mobile phones including world-famous Chocolate Phone, 5-megapixel digital phones, and 3G phones, which emphasize premium designs and advanced technology. In particular, the company presented and demonstrated in this exhibition all kinds of mobile TV phones such as the world's first DVB-H phone,media floor phone, satellite DMB phone, terrestrial DMB phone, and WCDMA DMB phone.

Model: LG-SV590/KV5900/LP5900

  • 14.9 mm super-slim design
  • Embedded with 512 MB MP3 player-exclusive memory
  • 260,000-color QVGA LCD