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Name : IFA 2010 (International Funk Ausstellung)

Date : September 3-8, 2010

Venue : Berlin Messe, Germany

Exhibition Product Areas : NANO FULL LED TV, 3D TV, Smart TV, LCD TV, Projector, Plasma TV, Blu-Ray Disc Player , Audio, Data Storage, LED Monitor & LED Monitor TV, 3D Monitor, Washing Machine, DishWasher, Refrigerator, Cooking, Cleaning, Built-in

LG Electronics showcased its flagship products for the European market at IFA 2010, the largest European home appliances fair held in Berlin, Germany from September 3 through 8.

Under the theme "Life's Good - Enriching lives through technology", over 800 products including LED TV, smart TV, 3D TV, OLED TV, Blu-ray player, home theater system, network monitor, and environment-friendly home appliances were exhibited.

The display products showcased include the world's slimmest "Nano Full LED TV" with direct backlight, using Nano Lighting Technology; and the E50VR and E80VX LED monitor series, which deliver an exceptionally crisp and vivid picture with the SUPER+ Resolution function.

On the consumer appliances side, a wide range of new products, including 6-motion steam drum washing machines, environment-friendly high-efficiency refrigerators, dust-compressing vacuum cleaners, and built-in appliances were introduced.

Boasting an 11kg capacity in an European standard 24-inch cabinet, the "Big-in" product was showcased, which has 6 motion and steam functions.


As the world’s first TV with nano technology, the LEX8 delivers perfect visual harmony by balancing the ultimate in picture quality with an ultra slim design. Thanks to NANO Lighting Technology, the light is dispersed more evenly and effectively across the screen for the brightest, clearest and smoothest picture yet. The LEX8’s Micro Pixel Control and Infinite Contrast Ratio add greater range and life to colors in both 2D and 3D, while TruMotion 400Hz minimizes blur and keeps 3D images smooth. Also, at 0.88cm in depth and with a bezel 1.25cm thick, respectively the slimmest and narrowest on any FULL LED TV in the world, the LEX8 delivers a stylish, truly immersive viewing experience. Topping it all off, connectivity options such as NetCast™ and DLNA provide seamless access to a world of online and stored digital content.

Model : LEX8

  • NANO Lighting Technology
  • Micro Pixel Control
  • INFINIA Design: 0.88cm Depth, 1.25cm Bezel
  • 3D TV (Dynamic 3D)
  • TruMotion 400Hz
  • Infinite Contrast Ratio
  • NetCastTM (Broadband TV)
  • DLNA
  • Magic Motion Remote Control


LG’s new 31-inch OLED 3D TV can project all existing color levels, including the full palette of dark colors, under any viewing conditions and from any angle. Topping it all off, the 31-inch OLED 3D TV, as well as offering superlative 2D images, also delivers the very best in smooth and immersive 3D images. Further setting LG’s newest OLED TV apart is its stunning ultra-thin design, as it is the slimmest TV in the world measuring 0.29cm in depth. Also, an innovative mountable bracket that can be installed, moved and reinstalled on walls or even ceilings with minimal damage to the existing interior, ensures the TV blends in harmoniously with any home interior.

  • 31” AMOLED
  • FULL HD (1920 x 1080)
  • World’s Slimmest Depth (0.29cm)
  • Infinite Contrast Ratio
  • Free Viewing Angle
  • Folding Stand / Revolving Stand

3D THX Certified Plasma 3D TV

The flagship of LG’s Plasma range, the PX950N is LG’s first Plasma 3D TV. LG’s 3D Panel phases out light faster to produce images that are practically blur free, and TruBlack Filter enables viewers to watch strikingly realistic colors without distraction from light reflections. Delivering a 3D viewing experience so stunning, the PX950N recently became the first TV in the world to receive 3D THX Certification, the ultimate recognition of cinematic 3D picture quality. Better still, thanks to a wide 3D viewing angle created by self-illuminating pixels, spectators can revel in superb 3D images while sitting or even lying down practically anywhere in front of the TV. The PX950N’s seamless look is coupled with enhanced connectivity and convenience including NetCast™, DLNA certification and a Wireless AV Link.

Model : PX950N

  • 3D THX Certification / THX Certification
  • TruBlack Filter
  • INFINIA Design
  • 600Hz Max Sub-field Driving
  • 3D Panel
  • NetCast™ (Broadband TV)
  • DLNA
  • Multi Picture Format
  • AV Wireless Ready/ Wi-Fi Dongle One Packing
  • Eco Flower (50-inch model only)

3D Blu-ray DiscTM Player with Built-in DVB -T/C/S Hybrid Tuners and HDD

The HR550 delivers truly outstanding home entertainment with the ultimate in 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Playback, built-in DVB-T/C/S tuners, and a built-in hard disk drive. By receiving terrestrial (DVB-T), cable (DVB-C) and satellite (DVB-S) shows without the need for a digital set-top box, the HR550 extends viewers’ broadcast TV options. With its built-in tuner, the HR550 also allows viewers to record one channel while playing a Blu-ray movie at the same time. In addition, viewers can enjoy an all-in-one entertainment hub and digital library with a 250GB built-in hard disk, a capacity that rises to 500GB in some regions.

Model: HR550

  • 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Playback
  • Built-in DVB - T/C/S Tuners
  • 250/500GB built-in Hard Disk Drive
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • NetCast™
  • DLNA
  • CIFS
  • External HDD Playback via USB Plus
  • DivX HD Playback
  • Music ID by Gracenote

Real 3D Sound Home Theater System

As LG’s first Real 3D Sound Home Theater System, the HX900 embraces a completely new concept in home audio to produce a sound as deep and life-like as any 3D image. A Vertical 3D Effect Channel creates audio waves that completely fill the space above viewers’ heads, creating the illusion that they’re right in the middle of the movie. The dual subwoofers add a powerful undercurrent to the audio, which fills the room with a thrilling, strikingly realistic soundtrack. Completing the experience is the Cinema Dome Effect, which expands the range of the sound field horizontally and vertically, so that viewers are completely blanketed by sound. Complementing its cutting-edge technology, the HX900 comes in a characteristically elegant LG design.

Model: HX900

LG E10 LED Monitors

The E10 series is specifically designed to cut costs and to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. The E10 series brings cost savings and economic value through more efficient energy consumption, while its ergonomic design and eco-friendly technology help improve the office environment. Better still, a wide range of monitor sizes and features make it possible for businesses to select the model that is best-suited to their specific needs.

Model : LG E2210PM

  • 22” Wide (16:10)
  • 1680x1050 of high resolution
  • Contrast ratio 5,000,000:1
  • 170/160 viewing angle
  • Stand adjustment Tilt/Height/Pivot

LG SUPER + Resolution

With SUPER + Resolution, as well as a mega contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, the new E80 series delivers an exceptionally crisp and vivid picture, even with dimly-lit movies, games or pictures. Through LG’s mold-breaking Super+ Resolution technology, the E80 series produces an even more realistic HD picture while also making it possible to watch SD level content at HD-level. What’s more, with a premium, slim-line body, the E80VX rests on a stylish, circular-necked stand, while a seamless front look makes for a thinner, more polished look. The hidden bezel, the world’s first applying on the monitor, also allows for a more expansive picture.

Model : LG E80VX

  • 23” Wide (16:9)
  • 1920x1080 Native resolution
  • Fast 5ms response time
  • 170/160 viewing angle
  • Touch control keys

LG LED IPS Monitors

An alchemic convergence of IPS and LED, the new IPS1 and IPS6 monitor series deliver supremely advanced monitor picture quality without any colour shift along with wide viewing angle. Using premium IPS panels, LG’s IPS1 and IPS6 monitors provide stable colour and a high uniformity of brightness at any viewing angle, making them ideal for editing video and graphics, as well as watching movies or playing games. LG’s LED IPS monitors have all the advantages from LG’s original LED monitor technology ? pictures greatly enhanced by a mega contrast ratio, a complete lack of harmful substances, and a significantly slimmer depth than on regular LCD monitors.

Model : IPS236V

  • 23” Wide (16:9)
  • 1920x1080 of high resolution
  • Contrast ratio 5,000,000:1
  • 178/178 viewing angle
  • Fast 6ms response time

LG New Bottom Freezer

Top of the range among LG’s products at IFA this year is the company’s brand-new bottom-freezer. This appliance’s massive 385-liter capacity ? the largest in its class ? provides 50 liters more space in a standard unit, or the equivalent of 72 beer cans more than could be stored in other products in the same class. Thanks to its Linear Compressor, the bottom-freezer maintains a very steady interior temperature, keeping food as fresh as it is in a grocery store while using up to 28 percent less energy than a regular A+-rated fridge.

  • Linear Compressor
  • 385-liter Large Capacity
  • 910 X 1785 X 788 STD Size (Cabinet: 610)
  • Linear Compressor
  • Total No Frost System
  • Vita Light Zone
  • Opti Temp Zone
  • A ++ Energy Class Rating

LG New 11Kg Washing Machine

Boasting an 11kg capacity in a standard 24-inch cabinet, LG’s newest washing machines come with the company’s groundbreaking, new generation Inverter Direct Drive technology and its outstanding 6 Motion. Thanks to the upgraded Inverter Direct Drive, the new washing machines can control the spin speed, the precise movement of the inner drum, and also the left and right movement. With settings for “rolling,” “filtration,” “scrub,” “swing” and “stepping” as well as standard tumbling, the 6 Motion enhances washing performance by offering the optimal movement for each type of fabric and washing cycle.

  • New Generation of Inverter Direct Drive Technology
  • 6 Motion
  • Steam Generator
  • New Damping System
  • Fixed Outer Tub
  • Dual Ball Balancer

LG New Solar Combi

Demonstrating its new generation of Lightwave Technology, LG is unveiling its Solar Combi, the world’s first oven to be fitted with a Charcoal Heater and T-stabilizer. By using charcoal as its heat source, the new oven enables consumers to cook food that is more natural, healthier, and tastier. The oven’s Charcoal Heater helps maintain a natural flow of heat that penetrates deep into foods while also keeping them moist. This helps make grilled dishes as delicious as anything from a restaurant. Meanwhile, the Naturalflow Convention and T-stabilizer let consumers cook gourmet food more easily by adjusting the optimal temperature and maintaining more even cooking. Just as important, the Solar Combi cuts energy bills by up to 30 percent compared with conventional ovens, while also saving on cooking time.

  • New Generation of Lightwave Technology
  • Charcoal Heater
  • Naturalflow Convection
  • T-stabilizer


With KOMPRESSOR Technology, the world’s first motorized dust compressing system, LG’s KOMPRESSOR Elite uses long-lasting suction power and easy, hygienic dust control to capture visible dirt as well as hidden dust1 and grime. The KOMPRESSOR Elite effectively reduces dust particles escaping back into the atmosphere, thus creating a cleaner, healthier home environment. In addition, a unique Power Punch flushes out mites and fine dust by tapping the surface of bedding nearly 3,000 times a minute.

  • KOMPRESSOR Technology
  • Power Punch Nozzle
  • Low Noise of 72 dB(A)
  • Carbon HEPA 13 Filter
  • Advanced Bearing Wheels
  • Aluminum Telescopic Pipe