KES 2003

Name : The Korea Electronics Show 2003 (KES 2003)

Date : October 8, 2003 (Wednesday) to October 12, 2003 (Sunday)

Venue : Pacific Hall, 1st Floor COEX; Atlantic Hall and Convention Hall, 3rd Floor COEX

Size : 90 booths

50-inch PDP TV (model: DN-50PZ60)

  • 50-inch super large screen with a ratio of 16:9
  • 1366 X 768p high definition
  • Can receive high definition digital broadcasts(with built-in receiving tuner)
  • Offers high-quality picture with XDR Pro technology
  • Adopts digital index (VFD window)

60-inch LCD PROJECTION TV (model: TN-60SZ30HR)

  • 60-inch super large screen with a ratio of 16:9
  • Built-in tuner receives both analogue and digital broadcasts in a single-unit
  • 1280 x 720p high definition
  • Built-in hard disc recorder (HDD 80G)
  • Time shift / multitrack play
  • Convenient recording time reservation function using electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Can be connected directly to a computer screen

Wireless home theater (model: XCH-6550TW)


  • Audio CD / MP3-CD / WMA
  • Can play NTSC / PAL-method discs
  • Automatic play
  • High definition, progressive double scanning


  • 6-head hi-fi stereo VTR
  • Front AV input device
  • Capable of language translation, subtitle removal, and instant replay


  • Audio CD / MP3-CD / WMA
  • Can play NTSC / PAL-method discs
  • Automatic play
  • High definition, progressive double scanning


  • 60W× 5-channel speaker + 100W Woofer
  • High output / high-quality digital amplifier
  • Dolby digital / DTS / Dolby ProLogic II 5.1-channel accessory speaker
  • Uses bluetooth technology, with wireless backside tallboy speakers


  • Built-in mobile disc function with 256MB
  • Maximum portability; can be worn in an armband, necklace, or belt
  • Plays MP3/WMA FORMAT Diet-measuring device (calculates exercise volume and amount of calories)
  • Voice recording function (with built-in microphone)
  • 4EQ (X-Live, Jazz, Rock, Flat)
  • 10-hour continuous play time - Bookmark / Section repetition / Repetition play
  • Can transmit FM radio; with record function

FLATRON LCD monitor (model: L1710B)

  • 17" TFT LCD screen
  • IF & Red Dot Design Awards
  • Bright : 300cd/§³, Contrast : 450 : 1
  • Response Time : 16ms
  • Dual Input(D-Sub & DVI-D)
  • Light View, USB, OSD Lock, Colorific
  • Chrome-plated Stand

IMT-2000 phone (model: LG-KW2000) supportive

  • 15FPS High Speed 2Way Video Telephony
  • The First DBDM(Dual Band Dual Mode) Handset in the world
  • 2.2" 262K color TFT LCD(Resolution:176 x 220 pixels)
  • Built-in Digital Camera(CIF,CCD),4x Zoom,Video
  • Multimedia File Player(VOD/AOD Streaming & Download,Local Playback)

DVD super multi-drive (model: GSA-4080B)

  • The world’s first drive that conforms to all DVD standards
  • Extensive media compatibility: DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and CD-R/RW recording
  • DVD-RAM enables 100,000-times recording repetition
  • Enables safe recording with the adoption of new technology that prevents buffer underrun

Home Net

  • Home network that integrates all home electric / electronic products into a single system using a remote-control
  • Internet living network: Uses the Internet refrigerator in the kitchen as a central control system
  • Internet A/V network: Uses the digital TV in the living room as a central control system
  • Internet IT network: Uses the home computer as a central control system